Person outside wearing safety glasses, using a table saw.

3 Ideas to Inspire Your Next DIY Project

Inspiration is all around us, whether you’re watching a home improvement show or scrolling through social media, refresh and remodel projects are on the rise. Homeowners are projected to spend roughly $485 billion1 on remodeling projects in 2023. That’s more than they have ever spent in the past.

Small projects, such as refreshing a kitchen pantry or laundry room, remain popular while homeowners continue to tackle larger projects, such as full kitchen and bathroom remodels. And, with the recent increase in storm activity across the country, homeowners are finding themselves in situations that has brought on the need for projects that were maybe lower on the priority list for homeowners. Areas of the home that were possibly damaged by storms.

Whether you want to do a quick refresh of an interior space or go for a total remodel for a larger indoor or outdoor space, sometimes the tasks can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t own the tools or equipment you’ll need to complete the project. Sunbelt Rentals makes it easy to rent a variety of tools — from small power tools to large earthmoving equipment and many items in between.

When Sunbelt Rentals partner Casey Finn of DIY Playbook was faced with a flooded basement, she looked at it as an opportunity to convert the basement into the space she’d been wanting to create for a long time. She turned to Sunbelt Rentals to help her with the project and rented a table saw to cut and install a shiplap wall, a paint sprayer to paint the entire space, and a tile wet saw to cut the penny tile for the remodeled basement bathroom. Since Casey lives in the suburbs of Chicago in a 1921 fixer-upper bungalow, renting these tools made sense for her.

A flooded basement can be a large undertaking, and Sunbelt Rentals has many tools and equipment to help make the job a little less stressful for homeowners. From dehumidifiers to help dry out your space that was damaged by water to a submersible pump to help displace any standing water in the area, Sunbelt Rentals has you covered with equipment rentals to ease the burden of a flooded basement.


Person wearing safety glasses using a tile saw.


On the lighter side, a laundry room makeover could be a weekend DIY project. A fresh coat of paint or wallpaper has become a popular choice for the space. In fact, wallpaper seems to have continued its momentum in 2023 and become a staple in design choices for spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, and even hallways.

Sunbelt Rentals can even help with some of the smaller tools needed for a wallpaper project: a wide metal putty knife for trimming strips at the ceiling and baseboards and a step ladder to reach those higher places on the walls.

Check out how our partners at Scarlet Oak Homes remodeled their laundry room. They did something a little different and tiled the walls with tools and equipment rented from Sunbelt Rentals.


Two people wearing safety equipment, with a concrete grinder in a garage.


Another inspiring project to consider is a garage facelift. The garage is a space many people often ignore or put at the bottom of their list. After all, it’s usually just a storage catchall for everything from vehicles and bicycles to tools and seasonal items.

However, making a few updates to the space can make it more functional and visually appealing. By adding storage cabinets for tools or a folding workbench, you can minimize clutter. Adding ceiling hooks gets bicycles off the ground and puts unused ceiling space to good use. You can also add overhead storage shelves to house all of those seasonal items that often end up in bins and garbage bags in a corner of the garage.

The garage floor is another project that many don’t think about. Repairing the garage floor and either polishing it or painting it is another way to spruce up the space. You can see how our partners at Bless’er House updated their garage floor with the rental of a concrete grinder to remove old stains from the concrete floor, making it look new again!

No matter the size of your project or where you get your inspiration from, Sunbelt Rentals has locations all over the United States and Canada to satisfy your DIY project needs. Next time you’re thinking of a project, turn it into a reality with the help of Sunbelt Rentals.

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