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Man assisting another worker with his harness on jobsite


For the past five years, Sunbelt Rentals has supported Construction Safety Week by providing on-site meetings, demonstrations, and heavy equipment operator training sessions to hundreds of people across North America.

2018 is no different with 40 professional trainers around the U.S. and Canada and the support of our vendors/manufacturers we can support you with training and safety topics from equipment operator training to Silica Dust to simple demonstrations of new safety features on the equipment we supply for your job sites.

We provide education on the following:

  • Forklift Safety and Forklift Operator tips
  • Safe operation and features of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), booms, and scissors
  • New NSI standards for MEWPs including how to prepare for changes regarding booms and scissors
  • Secondary Guarding on MEWPs including their function
  • Earth Moving operator safety and equipment features
  • Silica dust compliance
  • Pump and Power safety and operator tips
  • Easy observational tools to instruct and coach your operators to work safe within the equipment’s limitations
  • Scaffold safety and use tips<
  • Utility scaffolds (Baker scaffolds) assembly instructions and safe use
  • Job site walks

We believe in keeping it simple and enjoyable to engage your workers. The equipment we rent will be used to your workers’ advantage for safe practices.

Please contact us at and provide us your city, state, and contact information, and we will be happy to discuss and arrange topics for Construction Safety Week.