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Supercharge Your Operations With Temporary Power Generators

There’s no substitute for the convenience and flexibility that comes with a portable generator. Put simply, they make job sites run. That said, choosing the right generator for the job can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before. 

At Sunbelt Rentals, we offer a wide range of rental solutions to suit any commercial or industrial need, including new construction. Here’s a quick introduction to how to select the perfect generator for you. 

Choose your fuel 

Even the best generator can be a headache if you’re always running on empty. So, choose your fuel wisely to ensure steady coverage. 

For instance, our team offers towable diesel and gas generators, along with large container generators. Each is designed for a specific fuel. In some cases, diesel generators present a convenient option and can be more fuel-efficient than natural gas. 

Because emissions restrictions vary from place to place, check with state and local authorities to ensure you source the correct generator under the law. 

Size it right

When choosing a generator, the objective is to strike a balance between too much power capacity and not enough. 

If you use a generator beyond its capacity, you risk overloading the machine, which can disrupt operations and lead to service calls. On the other hand, sourcing a generator with too much capacity for the job can be expensive and less efficient. And, if a generator isn’t operated at a certain level, unburned fuel can end up in the exhaust system. This is known as “wet stacking” and can lead to malfunction. Too much overkill with generators can also be taxing on the environment. Tier 4 standards are regulated by the Environmental Agency and mandate that generators be operated with enough load to clean the exhaust. 

Every job has its sweet spot when it comes to power. You just have to find it.

Respect the power

As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. To ensure safe operation, generators should always be installed and run by someone with electrical training. To the end, refueling should also be performed by trained personnel. Always review the operator’s manual for model-specific instructions. 

Accessorize for more flexibility

Generators can provide tremendous power, but there is often some nuance to a job site’s electrical needs. And a little extra forethought can prevent extended downtime.

If your usage fluctuates considerably, it may be worthwhile to consider other devices, such as circuit breakers and transformers to manage your energy effectively. In many cases, a generator rental can be supplemented with fuel tanks to make refueling a breeze.  

Skip the guessing game

If you’re in need of temporary power, start with a strong assessment of your electrical needs, Sunbelt Rentals has just the tool to help. Our calculator can help you determine amperage, fuel needs, voltage, and ultimately the wattage you’ll require. Get your calculator here

Looking for more guidance? Talk to our team of experts. Our specialists are plugged into the latest models and can offer their insight on your electrical needs. Start with a consultation or contact us at (866)704-2501 today.


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