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Wireless Air Monitoring Equipment Continually Logs Critical Conditions

Not long ago, measuring conditions like surface temperature, relative humidity, or dew point required a technician to go on site with an instrument and clipboard, take readings, and average them. Later, wired air monitoring equipment eliminated the need for in-person measurements. Still, technicians had the hassle of a solution that required power and long lengths of wire to return readings from sensors to the primary unit.

But no longer. The Sunbelt Air Monitoring System (SAMS) is the only solution that uses wireless sensors, giving you greater flexibility and even more possibilities for monitoring. Sensors can send data to the gateway using a high-gain antenna that works at distances of up to 300 yards, depending on the site and application. You can record conditions even when you lose power or your Internet connection. And the applications are endless …

Ensuring food processing plants eliminate conditions that create condensation. Protecting delicate materials and instruments at a theme park exhibit in Florida. Mitigating heat-related illness and COVID-19 transmission at fulfillment centers. Measuring energy pulses in wiring at data centers to ensure sufficient capacity. Maintaining stringent specs for military equipment and reusable rockets. And that’s just a few of the current ways organizations use SAMS.

Unlimited sensors provide unmatched versatility 

The unlimited data sensors that SAMS allows makes all those applications possible. The sensors measure parameters from ambient temperature and humidity to COgases to particulate manner. So a SAMS unit can serve as an environmental condition logger, an air quality monitoring system, a carbon dioxide detector, a fire or smoke alarm, or all of these at once. Most sensors are rectangular boxes that can fit in the palm of your hand and be installed anywhere they won’t be destroyed. They’re generally water resistant but not water proof. Some even use small needlelike probes to measure moisture content in materials like wood, drywall, or concrete. 

In addition, the Sunbelt Rentals air monitoring equipment can communicate with temporary HVAC units and confirm they’re working and delivering air at the correct temperature. In the event of smoke or fire, a SAMS unit can shut down HVAC equipment, meeting National Fire Protection Association standards. SAMS can also keep workers and facilities safe during upgrades of permanent alarm systems.

Connect to data anytime, anywhere 

When you receive a SAMS unit, you’ll also get a secure and exclusive website for your data. Whenever, wherever, you can access the data to reassure yourself that all is operating exactly as intended at your plant, warehouse, data center, exhibit, or any critical location. You can download a permanent record of your logged data to use as documentation for USDA inspections, in mediation or litigation, or anytime you need tangible proof of conditions.

SAMS also lets you set thresholds for unsafe or worrisome conditions. If the SAMS unit ever detects a measurement outside the specified range, you’ll receive an email or text to notify you. But to ensure an immediate response to the alert, SAMS will also notify and dispatch a Sunbelt Rentals technician to your site.

Get unexpected value from air monitoring equipment rental

SAMS units log and record data that provides benefits you may not have imagined yet. Engineers and managers can analyze the data to improve processes. Construction contractors and owners get invaluable records to counter claims. Human resources receives solid evidence that they’re protecting worker health with tolerable temperatures and worker safety by detecting harmful conditions with air quality equipment. Food processors feel confident they’re shipping a quality product and meeting USDA requirements. And everyone gains the peace of mind that their operation is working just as it should.

Download the SAMS flyer for more information on the advantages you could gain from continuous, wireless monitoring. Then call the Sunbelt Rentals Industrial Climate Control team at 866-216-9593 to discuss your application

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