Approaching hill sign along highway.

Best Practices for Parking Generators or Trailers on Steep Streets

Gravity is not always our friend, which becomes very apparent when parking on a steep street. Our team of power experts from the very hilly region of Los Angeles, California, has provided these helpful guidelines to follow when parking a generator or trailer on a steep grade:  

  1. Park the unit with the hitch facing downhill. When it is time to remove the unit, the truck will be coming uphill and should a chock fail, the trailer will hit the truck and not roll away. 
  2. Point the tires or jackknife the trailer towards the curb. The curb will act as another wheel chock that can’t be removed. 
  3. Keep your truck connected to the generator via a tow chain until all safety chocks are in place and holding. 
  4. Use multiple wheel chocks and of different types. 

It’s important to consider all safety measures when operating equipment. Knowing how to properly park on a steep grade can save lives and property. At Sunbelt Rentals, safety is more than a priority, it is our core value. We want our customers to complete their operations with our equipment safely and without incident or injury. We offer a variety of operator training courses to help you work safely and more efficiently. Click here to learn more about our available training courses. 

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