Sunbelt Rentals Commercial Generator.

Considering a Commercial Generator? Here's Why Renting Might Be the Better Choice.

Introduction to Commercial Generators


When you consider the benefits of purchasing a commercial generator for your business or renting a unit, it’s essential to consider your power needs during a power outage, disaster relief, or mobile setup for events.

Is renting a commercial generator the best choice for every business? While investing in a new generator provides continuous on-site access to backup power, commercial generators can be initially expensive. They require annual load testing and preventative maintenance, and repair costs significantly increase, especially as repairs and replacement parts are required.

When you rent a commercial generator, you’ll have access to expert advice, installation, repairs, and maintenance at a cost-effective price.


Benefits of Renting a Commercial Generator


You’ll find many benefits to renting a commercial backup generator for your business, commercial, or industrial space.


Cost Savings Compared to Purchasing a Generator Outright


There are significant cost savings when you rent a commercial power generator. Whether you rent a large industrial-grade generator or a smaller unit for a short-term project, it’s much less expensive to rent a commercial generator for your power needs.

You’ll also benefit from paying a lower price that includes the generator's delivery, setup, installation, and maintenance. Any additional equipment, transportation of additional units, and other support are cost-effective and ideal for an operation with a limited budget.


No Need for Maintenance or Repairs


You won’t pay extra for maintenance or repairs, as these are included in the rental price. Regular maintenance, upgrades, and replacing a generator that isn’t performing properly are all included with the service, so you can rest assured that you won’t spend more on unexpected shutdowns or replacing a unit.


Flexibility in Sizing and Capability


You’ll have access to a wide range of diesel, natural gas, portable, and new generators with innovative features to meet your business’s needs. When you rent a generator for standby power, you can select from an impressive variety of unit sizes, capabilities, and power support.

When you rent, you’ll have greater flexibility to switch to a new generator when your business needs change, ensuring you’ll always have backup power.


Access to Newer, More Efficient Generator Models


If you’re concerned about using the wrong generator or find that your current machine isn’t producing the desired results, you can easily upgrade to a newer model without hassle. This advantage means you’ll have access to newer, efficient generators as they become available, so you’ll always have the best quality for any number of hours, days, weeks, or months, as needed.

As the needs of your business change, which may involve new locations or expansion, you’ll have the opportunity to review our newly acquired fleet of generators to determine which equipment best suits your company’s requirements.


No Need for Long-Term Storage or Upkeep When Not in Use


The convenience of renting a commercial generator means you won’t have to arrange for long-term storage of units when not in use. If your business requires large-scale commercial backup power, renting or purchasing storage space can be expensive, especially in the long term.

While on-site storage may be convenient for quick access and usage, renting a generator is a fast solution that can be delivered within a short time in the event of a natural disaster or power failure. If you need to extend the amount of time you’ll need to use a generator, such as an extra week or two, you can simply request longer use of the equipment to accommodate your site's needs.

When you work closely with our expert consultants, you can amend your rental agreement to include any additional tools, machinery, and equipment for your site. We also offer convenient arrangements for delivery, installation, and pickup.


Choosing the Right Commercial Generator Rental


There are essential factors to consider when you choose the right commercial generator and generator provider for your business.

  • What is the right generator size for your site? It’s essential to determine how much electricity you’ll need in the event of an emergency so that you can select the right generator size and type.
  • Consult an expert technician to determine which generator is best for your business.
  • The type of generator you’ll need depends on the size of your business and location. For example, a large industrial generator is ideal for a manufacturing facility, whereas a smaller, portable unit is best suited for a retail store space.
  • Review the type of rental agreements, maintenance services, and other items you’ll need to consider when reviewing your options with one of our experts. You can choose a plan that suits your operating budget and business requirements.
  • It’s crucial to consider fuel options for generators to ensure you’ll have access to a readily available supply when you need to refuel. While natural gas is more cost-efficient, diesel generators may better fit your needs. If you’re operating a business site that’s remote or a long distance from a supplier, this is essential to consider when you choose the right generator and fuel.

Many factors influence which type of commercial generator works best for your site, especially if you’re considering using a backup power source on a long-term or ongoing basis.

Suppose your business is centrally located, and you can receive the delivery of a new generator within a short time. In that case, your plan will vary considerably from a business that has several locations, some of which may be remote, which can limit fuel resources within a specific area.

If your business is located in a densely populated area, noise control will be an essential factor in the type of generator. This factor is especially important if you’re located near a residential neighborhood, which can cause disruption, especially if the generator runs throughout the night.

Fortunately, high-grade generators use mufflers and other mechanisms to reduce noise pollution while providing efficient power coverage.

How much are you willing to spend, and does the power backup system needed fit your budget? When renting commercial-grade generators, you’ll find many cost-effective solutions for any business size, location, or electricity needs.

Our Sunbelt Rentals technicians can provide you with the options you need to accommodate any size of business or project.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What size generator do I need for my business?

Answer: The size and type of generator you’ll need depends on how much power you require. An experienced consultant can provide recommendations based on the size of your location and backup power needs.


Question: How long can I rent a commercial generator?

Answer: We offer flexible rental agreements and timeframes, varying from several days to weeks and months. You’ll also have the option to change or revise your rental agreement as needed.


Question: What happens if the rental generator breaks down?

Answer: When you rent a commercial generator, you’ll have access to our customer service care team, and technical support, anytime required. We can provide on-site service, maintenance, and repairs, including a complete replacement, to ensure you have access to continuous power.


Question: Are there any environmental concerns to consider when using a generator?

Answer: While different fuel types and generators emit gases, some produce toxic emissions that should be considered when installing them for use. These concerns can be addressed with one of our expert generator technicians to minimize emissions' impact during use.