Sunbelt Rentals portable generator rental.

Portable Generator Rental: How to Choose the Right Size and Capacity

Introduction to Portable Generator Rental


Portable generators are convenient and easy for many applications, including fuel tanks, external outlets, alternators, and internal combustion engines. There are different types of portable rental generators, including diesel generators, gas generators, and other temporary power solutions. 


How Portable Generators Work


Portable generators work by pulling a recoil rope, pushing a button, or a similar switch, which starts the engine. This process creates an electric current between the alternator and the engine. It’s a versatile device that provides outlets for extension cords, making it easier to position the unit where it’s most convenient and practical.


The Advantages of Renting a Portable Generator


  • You’ll have access to reliable power for all your power needs on short notice. This is crucial, especially in the event of an emergency.
  • Certified generator technicians will provide the preventative maintenance required to ensure excellent performance, including access to related equipment, delivery, setup, and removal.
  • If there are any issues with your rental power generator, an expert technician will replace it and provide the necessary support.
  • There is a wide range of portable generators to rent, whether you need one or more for a construction project, a concert, a festival, or an unexpected power outage.
  • There are flexible options to upgrade to a different generator or add one or more rental units for extra power.

Rental equipment is a convenient option for your temporary power needs. In addition to portable generator units, Sunbelt Rentals can offer other items for your project, including lighting, scaffolding, and other temporary, short-term equipment.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Generator Rental


It’s essential to consider the following factors when you choose the right equipment for your temporary need.


Power Output Needed for Your Specific Project or Event


You’ll find quality equipment for any occasion. Our expert technicians will provide the right equipment for your next project or event and offer any suggestions, such as safety measures to follow, cables, ramps, and accessories, and the ideal location the safest operation. 


Fuel Type and Availability


When you select a portable generator for your location, you’ll want to review which type of fuel requirements, which depends on the type of equipment installed on your site. Portable generators on construction sites usually run on propane, gasoline, or diesel.

Since each fuel offers benefits and drawbacks, it’s crucial to determine which rental unit works best for your budget, how many fuel refills you’ll need during its use, and the fuel tank size.

If you select diesel, it’s fuel efficient and less flammable than other fuel options. tends to run longer with little or no maintenance. Propane burns clean (fewer greenhouse gases), but it’s less efficient than diesel, and gasoline is often the most available, though it’s highly flammable and requires special care, storage, and handling.

When there’s a widespread power outage, choosing a portable generator that uses readily available fuel is essential.


Noise Level


If minimizing noise is a priority, propane-run generators are among the quietest. Diesel-run generators are noisier and may disrupt neighboring properties.

Some towable generators run on two or three fuel types, either propane and gasoline or all three options (natural gas, gasoline, and propane). These units offer greater flexibility, and options for storage, depending on the type of fuel(s) you need.


Mobility and Portability Requirements


How easy is the generator to set up and run? If you need a unit quickly, it’s essential to take an inventory of the items that require electricity, and the amount of wattage, to determine the size and how many units you’ll need. When renting small, convenient generators, their portability can provide a tremendous advantage for limited spaces and locations.


Rental and Cost Terms


You should consider the type of generator you rent, the length of time you’ll need it, and additional generator services when you consult with our expert technicians. Sunbelt Rentals offers a variety of rental  plans so that you can choose the right solutions within your budget.


Types of Portable Generators Available for Rent


We offer a variety of portable generators for rent, including gasoline-powered, diesel-powered, and propane-powered generator units.


Gasoline-Powered Generators


Generators that run on gasoline use fuel and air in a carburetor mixed and compressed. They are highly affordable and don’t require the same maintenance as oil or diesel generators. Gasoline-powered generators are popular because they have a fuel source that’s easy to find and attainable in most places.


Diesel-Powered Generators


Diesel generators are among the most fuel-efficient, running on electricity and diesel fuel. They are helpful and a great alternative to propane and gasoline-powered units.


Propane-Powered Generators


Generators that run on propane tend to require more maintenance and frequent refills. These units convert mechanical energy into electricity and work best for limited, short-term solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How long can I rent a portable generator?

Answer: You can rent a portable generator for as long as needed, based on your project or site’s needs. When you discuss your power needs with a Sunbelt Rental consultant, you’ll have several options based on the time you need energy backup and the type and size of the generator.


Question: What happens if the rental generator breaks down?

Answer: Our certified technicians will provide on-site service and support, including any needed repairs, replacements, and additional equipment to ensure continual performance.


Question: Are there any safety concerns to consider when using a generator?

Answer: It’s vital to review the instructions carefully to ensure you use the generator correctly and avoid potential safety hazards. Our expert technicians can guide you on which generators are best for your installation or event while offering techniques to keep visitors and contractors safe on your site.