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Address the condensation or stop production

For poultry and meat processors, hearing those words from a USDA inspector can trigger nightmares. But a large poultry producer faced exactly that scenario several years ago. The inspector cited the plant for condensation dripping from the ceiling, potentially contaminating the product below. The plant needed to eliminate the condensation within days or shut down.

Many food processors fail to manage condensation effectively until they get an ultimatum. Often, plants use a Band-Aid fix—teams of wipers who continually mop up condensation with sponges on extension poles. The result: increased labor costs, struggles managing employees, and efficiency rates completely dependent on the wiper team.

Condensation also creates problems beyond the production line. Excessive moisture causes early deterioration of building materials, reducing their lifecycle and cutting into long-term profitability. Employee health and safety may also suffer, with issues running the gamut from respiratory and sinus infections to slip-and-fall injuries. 

Even if your facility is never cited, you pay the cost of condensation, including lost productivity, production shortfalls, and schedule delays. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a mechanical solution that maintains environmental conditions in an optimal range, you can eliminate condensation and never have to deal with it again. 

Sunbelt Rentals uses a structured approach to condensation developed during years of work with poultry and meat processing facilities. We help you to reduce costs through better engineering and partnerships with mechanical equipment manufacturers. You can rent equipment seasonally, letting you expense a condensation solution rather than make a capital investment. 

With your plant environment under control, you can stay on schedule and achieve your production and profitability goals. For the poultry plant we mentioned earlier, we installed a cost-effective solution in under 36 hours that provides 30,000 cfm of make-up air and eliminates condensation. 

How much is condensation costing your plant? And what would you save by switching to a mechanical solution? 

Download the Cost of Condensation report to see example calculations for annual condensation costs at a food processing facility—and learn how you could save on those direct and indirect costs with a solution from Sunbelt Rentals. Then call the Sunbelt Rentals Industrial Climate Control team at 866-216-9593 to get your production environment under control.

Download the Cost of Condensation

Even if you already have an engineered solution, you may want Sunbelt Rentals to take a look. Here’s what one Purchasing Manager said after Sunbelt Rentals redesigned a competitor’s system to make it more effective and efficient: 

“We saved more than $650,000 within the first year! If you are using someone other than Sunbelt Rentals, you should ask them to review your system.” 


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