Welding equipment

Should You Rent or Buy Welding Equipment?

Setting up a construction site or manufacturing facility is often expensive. Due to high demands and supply chain issues, contractors and construction companies often struggle with purchasing quality welding equipment, tools, welders, and supplies for welding safety on a job site.

The cost of welding equipment is a sizeable investment, which can be difficult for a small operation. As contractors decide whether to buy or rent industrial equipment, there are essential factors to consider.


Welding Equipment Utilization


What type of welding machine, tools, and equipment do you require for your next repair or project? Do you require specialized TIG welders, heavy equipment, and machines for building construction or extensive repairs?

The amount of use you require from welding equipment, and the type of project, among many other factors, determine the number of supplies and tools you’ll need, including equipment. While some job sites require daily use of tools and machinery for ongoing production, other projects or worksites only require weekly or monthly use of welding machines and related supplies.

If you require a different welder, such as a TIG or MIG welder for a specific project and another set of equipment for a second or additional task, the amount and quality of equipment are crucial. When you purchase welding machinery and plan on using the equipment regularly, you can expect regular repairs and maintenance, which can add significant expenses to your operating costs. When utilization is low or minimal, you may not require equipment consistently, which makes renting or leasing a viable option.

In cases where you need frequent access to machines, including specialized parts or machines, a lease or rental agreement is convenient. Your construction or manufacturing business may require several workstations with different welders, generators, materials, metals, air compressors, and the right equipment for specific jobs.

While the price for purchasing equipment for a simple project may be affordable, ongoing production and specialized welding tools will drastically increase those costs and renting equipment will become a more sustainable option.


Welding Equipment Cost


When you rent welding equipment, you’ll have greater access to a more extensive fleet and options to customize your construction or worksite setup. If you have an existing inventory of welding equipment, you can enhance your facility’s efficiency with additional machines and tools to expand your operation or use them as a backup.

While many contractors may weigh the benefits of building capital in their business versus the financial advantages and convenience of renting equipment, there are important reasons why renting welding tools and worksite requirements are a good option:

  • Technology requirements and the available options provided from your company’s current fleet of welding equipment, and the benefits of renting more advanced construction equipment
  • The expense of investing in new welding machines and tools as a capital expense versus renting the same equipment at a lower cost
  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs often surpass the machinery's original cost over long-term building and production projects
  • Storage and accommodation of equipment, which may require additional space or property
  • The tax incentives for purchasing in comparison to renting quality equipment
  • Safety costs and ensuring your worksites provide personal requirement protection for employees and contractors
  • The cost of renting versus purchasing equipment
  • Maintenance expenses, including replacement parts and labor
  • The depreciation of machinery and tools you own
  • Portability, if repairs are done at various sites, and the cost of storage and transportation

The monthly operating expense of renting equipment for your company’s welding needs can vary from several hundred dollars to up to five thousand or more, based on your project's size, production, and requirements. This price range applies to purchasing and renting from a rental company and the type of specific welding processes and tools you’ll need to complete various tasks and production requirements.


Welding Project and Tool Requirements


If you run a significant construction operation that requires many welders, stations, repairs, maintenance, and supplies, renting offers the most flexibility for your company’s specific needs, whether they remain consistent or require a change in welding machines and other solutions.

When the demand for production suddenly increases due to a new project or contract, the current equipment fleet may not be sufficient to meet production goals. For this reason, renting additional welders and machinery can be a quick, easy option.

On the other hand, if your plant or business reduces production temporarily, rented equipment doesn’t require consistent storage or care until your operation picks up again. You’ll avoid these extra costs while having the benefit of equipping your worksite with power sources, MIG, TIG, or stick welding equipment, and related supplies to accommodate custom workspaces and tasks.

When your job site is restricted to a smaller area, you can use plug-in welding power sources in a compact rack, which maximizes the space and allow contractors to operate welders efficiently from one power cord and generator. The single power source improves a confined workspace's utilization and reduces costs associated with setup and equipment.

When you rent construction and manufacturing equipment, you’ll have access to the latest technology for your welding project. While your company’s current fleet of welding and construction equipment may be sufficient for the job, upgrading specific machines can be expensive and time-consuming if there is a break in production or downtime due to a complete replacement. Rental services offer state-of-the-art welding technology that fits the exact project, including stick welders, multi-purpose welders, MIG, TIG, and plasma cutters, with on-site maintenance and service, as needed.

The equipment you need for your welding process or project often depends on the industry, the materials you use, and which techniques are best for beginners and experienced welders. Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide range of welding supplies, tools, and equipment with the newest technology and the ability to meet competitive industries' demands.


Where You Can Rent Welding Equipment


When you work directly with Sunbelt Rentals, you’ll have access to an impressive fleet of TIG, MIG, and Stick welding.

We offer excellent quality machinery, plasma cutters, and many options for renting welding equipment for your construction or manufacturing development. Our expert team can provide all the options you need to complete any task, whether a small repair job or a large building or structural construction development.