Industrial building with pipes and chimneys

Are You Ready for an Industrial Plant Shutdown?

Remember when we discussed the importance of safety for planned outages? In this blog, we explained that planned shutdowns otherwise known as outages (power plants, steel mills, glass plants, pulp & paper plants), turnarounds (refineries & chemical plants), refueling outages (nuclear plants), or retooling outages (manufacturing plants), are scheduled shutdowns of the industrial plant for inspection and maintenance of equipment. These outages are typically scheduled twice a year to inspect the equipment and clean the facility.                                             

Managers of world class facilities know that scheduled plant shutdowns and turnarounds are essential for optimizing efficiencies and running a smooth operation throughout the year. Emergency shutdowns are both expensive and inconvenient, and the best way to combat them is through preventative maintenance. Time is money, so comprehensive solutions and site-specific plans are imperative when implementing a safe and effective shutdown.

Recommended Equipment for Industrial Plant Shutdowns​


While chillers are often thought of during hotter months, they are a year-round rental item utilized for process cooling. Facilities with coolant lines use chillers to keep products and equipment within certain temperature ranges for efficiency, which is a necessity during scheduled maintenance and emergency shutdowns.

Cooling Towers

Large-scale plant shutdowns often include the updating, repairing, and ultimately, the replacement of primary systems, such as an industrial cooling system. Cooling towers are known for their high efficiency, mechanical redundancy, and superior operational flexibility, which is why they are used for plant shutdowns that require uninterrupted operations.

Industrial Services

Throughout the shutdown process, it’s vital to have a partner provide the volume and variety of specialized tools needed for any application. These tools include, but are not limited to, industrial air tools, air handling equipment, hoist and winches, hydraulic tools and torque wrenches, industrial pressure washers, material handling equipment, and welding and fabrication equipment.

Increase Efficiency & Safety during Plant Shutdowns with Turnkey Solutions

Regardless of your preparation, your planned shutdown can be an ever-evolving project with unexpected complexities. Turnkey solutions with on-site capabilities such as 24/7 availability, staffed shutdown/turnaround experts, and customer-owned equipment maintenance will reduce outage complications and enable a successful shutdown.