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Ground protection mats

Why Do You Need Ground Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment?

Heavy-duty matting is an important requirement for construction sites, renovation projects, and outdoor events. They provide ground protection that prevents damage to delicate natural areas and environments, including protected sites, gardens, and agricultural spaces.

There are many reasons why ground protection mats are beneficial for various types of sites, which improve safety, easier access, and support for contractors and employees working on projects.


What Are Ground Protection Mats?


Ground protection mats are often made of lightweight, durable materials that can create safe passageways and temporary roadway access to various worksite platforms. These mats prevent damage to grass, plants, and various terrains from heavy machines, vehicles, and equipment. They offer floor protection while allowing heavy equipment to maneuver around the mud, sand, and rough surfaces easily for access.

Heavy-duty composite mats are versatile for outdoor and indoor sites. Composite matting is commonly used in construction, utility, power transmission, sewer rehabilitation, outdoor events, and gas drilling projects offering excellent protection from debris, dirt, and chemical spills. These protective safety mats are an ideal alternative to timber mats made with hardwood, which often break or become unstable.

There are many types of ground protection matting options, from lightweight mat options to rubber mats and other durable materials applied over mud, grass, sand, synthetic turf, and mixed terrain. Ground protection mats are available in various square foot sizing, as entrance mats or temporary roads for large-scale projects. 


Benefits of Ground Protection Mats


There are many great benefits to using ground protection mats for your construction or worksite. This versatile matting protects the environment, people, and property, including nearby sites and natural areas. Ground protection mats stabilize work areas while providing temporary access for visitors and safe access for workers and contractors.

Ground protection mats are ideal in many weather conditions, wet areas, and cold climates that can become challenging for maintaining consistent productivity and preventing accidents or injury. Ground protection mats keep construction sites safer, minimizing danger and providing easier access for people, machinery, and equipment.


Protecting the Environment From Heavy Equipment


Ground protection mats make access much easier for people, construction equipment, and machinery while providing excellent protection for the surrounding environment. They are easy to transport and relocate, covering delicate soft ground and natural areas and shielding them from debris from construction and worksites. They also prevent the adverse effects of heavy foot traffic while offering a more even surface, with good traction, to prevent slips and falls.

Also, heavy machinery, materials, and tools won’t leave behind residue or disrupt the ground when it’s adequately covered with temporary roads and access mats.


Help Safeguard Man-Made Surfaces


Heavy-duty ground protection mats protect man-made structures and surfaces on and around the construction site. You can choose from landscaping mats, swamp mats, turf protection mats, and crane pads that safeguard the natural area on the worksite location while providing traction for heavy machinery and equipment and workers and a non-conductive surface.


Provides a Secure Base for Equipment


Ground protection mats can be implemented to create temporary roadways and site access, provide a secure, stable surface and ground conditions for workers, machinery, and visitors to the site for excellent safety. Matting that doesn’t slip or move, keeps all equipment steady and easy to use without any concern of lack of traction.


Can Be Reused Numerous Times


Ground protection mats made of composite materials are reusable, unlike hardwood or similar covers, which tend to rot, break, or warp, compromising safety. Composite mats are cost-effective, last longer, and can be used for multiple work platforms. Ground protection mats provide consistent traction throughout significant weather, difficult soil, and terrain shifts.

Since many protective mats are lightweight, you’ll find they ship to your location at a lower cost, as indicated in the delivery information. Composite mats are ideal for all year-round construction, outdoor events, and projects.


Will Not Waterlog, Warp, or Splinter


Protective matting like Composite mats are made of durable materials, such as High-Density Polyethylene, so they won’t splinter, break, warp, or become heavily absorbed and weighed down with water. While some timber ground mats may work well in the interim, they don’t last as long as other water-resistant materials designed for various terrain and weather conditions.


Final Thoughts


Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide variety of high-quality ground protection for all your worksite needs. Our knowledgeable customer care team will find everything you need for your site’s unique requirements.

Contact Sunbelt Rentals to inquire about ground protection mat options, equipment, and tool rental options in our product brochure.