Construction site with composite matting

4 Uses for Heavy-Duty Composite Matting

Heavy-duty composite matting is designed to support construction equipment, vehicles, and machinery while providing safe and stable access to work platforms, temporary roadways, and weather-resistant flooring. These ground protection mats offer excellent traction with a rubber surface so that heavy foot traffic and access aren't compromised by snow or rain. 


Matting for Construction


Heavy-duty composite mats offer important ground protection for construction sites and projects. They protect delicate areas around the site, including grass, soil, wetlands, and walkways. These mats provide temporary flooring to support heavy equipment and machinery. 

Heavy-duty composite matting offers the following benefits for a construction site:

  • Building temporary access for workers, vehicles, heavy machinery, and visitors to the site.
  • Maintains stable ground conditions, floor protection, and improving safety, especially in areas with shifting or unstable terrain.
  • Providing safety for workers, from the entrance mat to every worksite platform and various areas of the project.

The degree of strength and durability you'll need depends on the type of construction project, with options from lightweight interlocking matting to heavy-duty, weather-resistance temporary roadways and flooring. 


Ground Protection for Utilities


Ground protection mats provide:

  • Excellent protection for utilities. 
  • Offering excellent traction.
  • Heavy duty support for moving vehicles.
  • Increased safety with durable materials that do not absorb water or liquid.
  • Non-conductive material being made of high-density polyethylene.
    • They are relatively lightweight, making them easy to set up and remove as needed.
    • Composite Mats reduce risk of electric shock.
  • Excellent drainage capability while protecting sensitive wet areas with non-conductive materials, including rubber and non-slip surfaces. 

These heavy-duty anti-fatigue mats improve workers' safety by preventing slips and falls while supporting large vehicles and machinery, such as pallets, trucks, cranes, and loaders. Ground protection mats are easily reversible and reusable, which makes them a cost-effective solution for all projects in the utility industry.


Power Transmission and Distribution Projects


Access to power transmission is only sometimes reachable through paved roads or paths, making a temporary roadway and safety mats necessary over gravel, dirt, or muddy roads that are difficult to navigate. Composite mats can support cranes and drills to build and reach power poles to service electrical transmission to area companies and residences. These mats offer the backing needed for quick and easy servicing, which can minimize repairs to power lines and related utilities.


Sewer Rehabilitation for Aging Infrastructure


Building and repairing sewer lines is challenging. They are often located near unstable surfaces, streams, hilly regions, and wet areas. Ground protection matting is essential for stabilizing the immediate area around the sewer worksite while supporting heavy-duty equipment and machinery, which prevents workers from getting stuck or remaining productive for the project's duration. 


Outdoor Festival and Stadium Flooring Turf Protection


Turf protection, rubber mats, and composite pads offer excellent traction and durable surfaces for stadiums, outdoor festivals, and events. These tiles and matting offer stable, safe ground protection for various occasions, including music festivals, sporting events, and multiple-day celebrations in parks or spaces with mud, moisture, and weather changes. 

Sunbelt Rentals offer great matting solutions for school events, including commencement and sports. Ground-protecting mats are convenient and provide cost-effective options that prevent severe injuries or damage due to slippery and unstable conditions. Safety pads also distribute weight evenly, and each mat connects securely to stay in place throughout the event. 


Temporary Site Access for Emergency Responses and Relief


While ground protection mats are essential for a wide range of construction sites, utility repairs, and outdoor festivals, they also provide a quick solution for emergency response and relief, such as a collapsed structure, hurricanes, and accessing difficult areas for search and rescue. 

In many cases, these regions are in remote areas with unstable infrastructure, wetlands, and soft soil that can be dangerous. Heavy-duty matting can bridge the gap between challenging terrain and safe access while protecting sensitive areas.

Access mats can provide temporary walkways and padding over delicate wet spots for better traction. These protective covers are highly durable, so they can be moved, as needed, to access different areas of one site with minimal wear and tear.


Final Thoughts


Heavy-duty matting offers solutions for many use cases, from routine maintenance and construction to special events and emergency site access. 

Choosing suitable ground protection matting offers several benefits, including preventing delays, protecting workers, materials, and sensitive environments, and evenly distributing the weight of heavy machinery and equipment. 

Construction matting is highly versatile, so you can use them in many situations to protect expensive equipment. It can be reused, making them an inexpensive option. 

Our experts at Sunbelt Rentals offer practical solutions for all your ground protection needs, whether for an outdoor concert or festival, maintenance, or construction projects. Contact a rental expert today!