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Class of 2019 – Will Your Turf and Flooring be Protected?

As we enter September, our summer season is coming to a halt. With fall approaching, we can anticipate cooler weather, bonfires, pumpkin patches, and a new school year. The class of 2019 will be graduating before we know it. While the students move their tassel from the right side of their cap to the left and ecstatically throw their cap into the air, everyone will clap and cheer loudly.

Will you be celebrating with them? They made it! But did your flooring make it too?

In 2018, Sunbelt Rentals installed more than 90,000 mats at colleges and universities in just two short months. The decision makers behind renting ground protection for these colleges and universities saved money in the end by preventing costly damage and repairs to sensitive turf and stadium flooring.

Each project included not only mat rental, but also our turnkey services. This consists of:

  • Evaluation and design of matting system needed
  • Installation of the mats
  • Teardown and cleanup

In addition to protecting against pedestrian traffic for graduation ceremonies, ground protection mats also shield turf and flooring from equipment and vehicular traffic. Prepping for a graduation ceremony often entails the use of forklifts, utility vehicles and trucks, all of which can wreak havoc on stadium turf and sensitive indoor surfaces, causing ruts, imperfections and other costly damage.  

Equipping your facility, whether indoor or outdoor, with a suitable solution is easy and seamless and provides an overall polished look for your event. Sunbelt offers the largest inventory of rental matting in the US with the appropriate sizes and quantities for any application requiring the strength and durability of composite HDPE matting. Whether you need to guard against people, equipment or vehicles, the use of ground protection will help your surfaces remain unharmed. Give us a call or request a quote today and our team will have you set up in no time – making your future graduations seamless.

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