Vehicle Mitigation: Are You Using Best in Class?

With dozens of vehicle mitigation barriers on the market (cement medians, water barriers, metal fencing, concrete blocks, police vehicles, Mifram barriers, Delta Scientific barriers, Nasatka barriers, Surface Guard barriers, Archer 1200 Advantage, etc.) it can be difficult to pinpoint the best of the best. 

So, where do you begin? Let’s start with the facts. 

As of July 11, 2017, The Archer 1200 has exceeded other barriers regarding safety standards and is the only portable barrier to meet anti-terrorism specifications. This portable barrier was able to stop a 3306-lb. vehicle traveling 29 mph – becoming the only portable barrier to do so. 

The temporary stoppage of these barriers permits the blockage of a roadway while allowing for pedestrian or emergency vehicle access. In addition, ease of use and speed of deployment enables users to quickly distribute protection when and where it’s needed. Other notable product specialties include:

  • Strong, flexible, and adaptable
  • Protection in areas without accessibility to power
  • Ability to place around permanent structures with rotating security to prevent terrorist attempts 
  • Fully mobile with the convenience factor of no heavy equipment required to deploy or move
  • Non-electric and non-hydraulic

These barriers set themselves apart from all others mentioned above. Here is the competitive advantage:

  • Shrapnel – upon impact, minimal debris occurs due to the engineered solution. This product is designed to transfer energy upward, stopping the vehicle and preventing injury.
  • Durability – even after major vehicle impact, the damage is slight, if any. The barriers are reusable and require no on-going maintenance. 
  • Installation – large equipment such as a crane is not needed for the installation or retrieval of this product. It only takes one person and a jack or tow bar to easily move the barrier.

Looking for something to protect your next community event? The barriers can be used for the following:

  • Sports events or venues
  • Campus security
  • Concerts, festivals, parades, and fairs
  • Farmers markets

Click here to view the Archer 1200 Advantage and ensure you are using the best of the best for your future vehicle mitigation needs.