Top 10 Rented Equipment You Need This Spring

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to kick off seasonal, outdoor projects like outdoor construction or commercial spring cleaning indoors. Sunbelt Rentals offers everything you need to call your projects a success, ranging from skid steer loaders, to manlifts, floor scrubbers, and more. This thorough list features our top 10 pieces of rental equipment you need for your upcoming spring projects.

1. Ride-On Mid-Frame Floor Scrubber Battery

Need to deep clean floors without interrupting day-to-day business? The Ride-On Mid-Frame Floor Scrubber is the perfect solution. Operational at any time of the day, this battery powered floor scrubber offers unobtrusive cleaning with optimal results. There’s minimal training needed for this equipment with safe and easy operation.

2. 12K Telehandler Forklift 55'

With a maximum lift capacity of 12,000 lbs. and a lift height up to 55 ft., the 12k 55’ Telehandler Forklift is ideal for construction sites with rough terrain. Designed with enhanced stability and increased lift capacity, telehandler forklifts combine the best features of forklifts and cranes with the ability to use interchangeable attachment heads for extra versatility on the jobsite.

3. Ride-On Industrial Floor Sweeper/Scrubber LPG

If your facility features both hard floors and carpet, the Ride-On Industrial Floor Sweeper/Scrubber LPG is a must-have solution. This integrated sweeper-scrubber optimizes versatility while cleaning across different floor type with consistent power and pressure.

4. 120’ Straight Manlift with Jib

If you’re working on an outdoor construction site where extensive reach is required, the 120’ Straight Manlift with Jib is your ideal solution for reaching great heights. Go from zero to 120 ft. up in just 95 seconds with a horizontal outreach of 75 ft. The platform offers enough room for multiple workers with supplies, while the 110V AC receptacle in the basket acts as a convenient power source while at height.

5. Ride-On Micro Floor Scrubber Battery

Need to do some serious cleaning but are looking for a scrubber with a smaller footprint? The industrial-grade Ride-on Micro Scrubber Battery has a 32 in. cleaning width and a 29 gal. solution tank, making it ideal for both small and large spaces. Powered completely by battery, this scrubber offers high-efficiency cleaning with low environmental impact.

6. 500 lb Track Mini Skidsteer - Gas

The 500 lb. Gas Track Mini Skid Steer is great for earth moving applications in tight or confined spaces. With a unique steering system that allows for easy, 360-degree turns, the mini skid steer loader is a must-have for completing jobs safely and efficiently. Additionally, there are a range of accessories available, like hydraulic breakers, auger drive, landscape rakes, and more.

7. 45’ Articulating Manlift

Another option for outdoor construction sites is the 45’ articulating manlift. Easily maneuver over uneven surfaces with enhanced traction control. Its maximum platform height is 45 ft., with a horizontal outreach of 30 ft. and an up-and-over reach of 24 ft. This manlift features a load capacity of 500 lbs., making it ideal for when you need multiple workers together at height.

8. 2,000 lb. Mini Excavator

Smaller earth moving projects require specialized equipment like the 2,000 lb. Mini Excavator. Dig up to 6 ft. deep with a peak force of 2,091 lbs., or level and stabilize ground with the backfill blade. Mini excavators are a great solution.

9. 1500-2100 lb. Track Skidsteer with Cab

Spring rain brings muddy ground. Skid steer loaders combine the maneuverability of a skid steer with the traction of a track loader that’s ideal for working on loose ground. The 1,500-2,100 lb. Track Skid Steer features rubber tracks that allow for operation on surfaces without damage.

10. 135’ Straight Manlift

Need even more height than our 120’ straight manlift? The 135’ straight manlift is a great option for your project. It offers plenty of working space on the 96” x 36” platform that allows for multiple workers to perform tasks at height together. Rent this equipment for your outdoor construction or industrial application.


Rental equipment is a cost-effective solution for gearing up for your next spring project. Sunbelt Rentals everything you need for your jobsite, no matter the size of the project. Contact one of our rental experts today to get started.