Park & Playground Maintenance Tips

Play it forward: 5 tips for park and playground maintenance

Parks and playgrounds are vital resources in every community, a beloved destination for kids and adults alike. And when those facilities fall into disrepair, it’s a drag for everyone. 

At Sunbelt Rentals, we believe in the power of preventative maintenance. That’s why we’ve outlined a few strategies that can keep your parks and playgrounds in tip-top shape.

1. Take advantage of the seasons

Where you live has a strong impact on how much time you spend outside. But chances are, your park or playground goes unused at some point during the year. That’s a hidden opportunity. 

Working in the off-season gives you a chance to catch up. When crowds aren’t around, it’s that much easier to update facilities and spruce things up. 

Laying mulch, for instance, is far more effective when the crowds have thinned. And it’s easier, and safer, to tackle larger construction projects when no one’s around. You likely won’t be able to take care of every project during the colder months of the year, but even crossing a few things off your list will pay off when the weather turns warm. 

2. Don’t be afraid to get into the weeds

Imagine you just built a state-of-the-art basketball court. The paving is done, and the goals are up. It may seem like the work stops there, but the battle has just begun. If you don’t stay vigilant, weeds will quickly undermine your hard work. 

There are ways to fight back. You can always pull weeds by hand, but that can be time-consuming, not to mention rough on the knees. Weed killer will wipe out anything in its path, but it also leaves your space coated with chemicals. Our weed burners, on the other hand, get the job done, with the least amount of time, energy and adverse impact to your environment.

3. Keep playgrounds squeaky clean

Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you’re safe from mold and mildew. Playgrounds can trap moisture and become a breeding ground for fungi and pathogens, among everything else that kids drag in. For this reason, it’s good to freshen up your equipment periodically. Thankfully that doesn’t have to mean wiping each swing down by hand. Pressure washers streamline the process, with maximum effectiveness. 

4. Protect your turf

Some park maintenance is done by Mother Nature. Vegetation has a way of regenerating itself, but even that has its limits. When special events come around and large crowds rush in, it can be hard for grass to bounce back. 

If you have an event coming up and your surface is susceptible to wear and tear, reach out to our Ground Protection team. These specialists have vast experience with outdoor events and can help you figure out the coverage you need. In the end, it takes way less time to preserve what you have than it does to reseed and repave. 

5. Don’t fall behind on leaf removal

Autumn leaves are lovely to look at, until they collect on the ground. Then, they become a grass-killing nuisance, a home for vermin and, worst of all, a fire hazard. Don’t let them linger any longer than you have to, especially when it’s a breeze to get rid of them. We have a variety of backpack blowers you can source for any project or routine cleanup. 

Parks and playgrounds provide a welcome respite from our daily lives, but they need time and attention to stay that way. Rentals are at the forefront of that. With us as a partner, we’ll help you get the work done right. 

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