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The Most Rented Equipment This Fall

Lawn and landscape jobs require a lot of planning every season, including securing highly in-demand rental equipment, tools, and machinery, which is expensive to purchase and often challenging for a company’s budget. While purchasing equipment is a great long-term investment, renting or leasing the specific items needed for a fall project is far more convenient. You can manage and allocate financial resources towards other costs, including unexpected expenses. Most equipment in this list is available for short and long-term rentals, which is ideal for lawn and landscaping businesses.

There are significant advantages to renting fall equipment, including:

  • You’ll avoid fluctuating costs associated with buying most rented equipment; rental is generally more affordable.
  • There are no depreciation costs, and you won’t have to resell equipment or acquire sufficient space for storage in between lawn and landscape projects.
  • No maintenance or repair costs because equipment and tools are provided in good working order.
  • Many lawn and landscaping companies manage multiple projects at one time, with each site requiring specific lawn care and landscaping equipment. You’ll avoid logistical issues when renting the tools and machines necessary for each site separately instead of transferring equipment from one location to the next, increasing transportation costs.
  • Rent as many tools or pieces of equipment you need for each project, only when required, without negotiating with multiple vendors or searching for a storage facility.

Battle Supply Chain Issues This Fall by Renting 

As supply chain issues are projected to continue throughout 2023, a growing number of lawn and landscape companies work with the rental market to source equipment from skids, tools, and raw materials to more robust equipment such as CAT construction machines, boom lifts, and other heavy equipment.

Sunbelt Rentals offers its customers the largest fleet in North America, with rental equipment suitable for many projects. From small residential developments to large-scale high-rises and commercial sites. 

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What Are the Most Rented Fall Equipment and Tools?


The top ten most rented pieces of equipment are popular for a variety of job sites, including office parks, apartments, shopping centers, factories, or restaurant projects.

1. 18-inch Aerator

This user-friendly 18-inch aerator is heavy-duty and maintenance-free, which makes it ideal for regular use on residential or commercial lawns and outdoor spaces. It’s essential to wear safety equipment while using this machine, including safety shoes, eye protection, and gloves.

2. Ride On Aerator

Ride-On Aerators provide steady water flow with fertilizer while improving airflow for soil. This equipment offers a working area of 30 inches and you’ll remove areas of turf, even well-maintained lawns.

3. 27-inch Aerator

When you need to cover large areas of outdoor space, this 27-inch Aerator offers an impressive speed of 40,000 square feet per hour. It also has the ability to navigate through narrow areas and paths.

4. Lawn Overseeder

The lawn overseeder is a popular choice for equipment rental, which restores and treats lawns, keeping them healthy with consistent seeding to avoid worn or thinning areas. You can choose from two offer models for rental: a hopper capacity of 60 lbs or a smaller hopper capacity of 20 lbs. Both models can adjust the slicing depth according to the condition of the turf.

5. Walk Behind Brush Cutter

The Walk Behind Brush Cutter is ideal for urban outdoor spaces, such as fields and meadows, providing an excellent foundation for vegetation growth. They handle a variety of terrain, including rugged brush and rough, uneven surfaces. This machine is a common rental in the lawn and landscape industry when clearing overgrown properties and city park areas.

6. Lawn Overseeder / Dethatcher Self Prop

You’ll have the advantage of the combined dethatcher and raking functions in addition to a seeder with the Lawn Overseeder/Dethatcher Self Prop. It’s great for small commercial and residential lawns, gardens, and landscaping as the cutting depth is adjustable to match lawn conditions.

7. Push Lawn Roller

The Grainger push lawn roller is popular in the equipment rental industry and perfect for various site surfaces, providing watering and sanding applications. The wide diameter of the heavy-duty steel roller provides exceptional consistency, and it’s easy to push. The push lawn roller is durable and typically doesn’t require maintenance. It’s best operated with safety shoes and gloves.

8. Aerator Tow-Behind

Tow-behind aerators tractor system improves healthy roots to promote vegetation and growth. The Aerator tow-behind offers a width range between 30 and 36 inches, and it’s easily towable for use on multiple sites.

9. 19' All Electric Scissor Lift

The all-electric 19-foot scissor lift is one of the peak heavy equipment rental options for building sites. It’s one of the most versatile types of adjustable and efficient equipment, and this scissor lift offers an advanced battery with extended life for more prolonged use. You’ll also have access to exceptional technology that offers calibration, diagnostics, and remote monitoring, which is ideal for the tracking process at the worksite.

10. 25-26' Electric Scissor Lift (Narrow)

The 25 to 26-foot electric scissor lift narrow is common for large job sites and projects. It’s essential to ensure all safety requirements are followed during use, including the proper certification, safety harness, a hard hat, and safety shoes.