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What Your Christmas Tree Lot Needs To Get More Customers — And Spread More Joy

As the owner of a Christmas tree lot, you play a big role in the most wonderful time of the year. You’re in the business of spreading pine-scented joy. 

But as you well know, it takes more than an inventory of sturdy, lush, sweet-smelling trees to run a successful lot. As is true with all types of retail, presentation matters. 

So, how can you take your lot from ordinary to extraordinary? We’ve got a few ideas:


This time of year, daylight fades fast. For those customers who do their Christmas tree shopping after work and after dark, your lot needs plenty of lighting to showcase your trees in all their glory. 

That’s why we recommend our 4000W Wide Vertical Mast Light Tower. It’s durable and towable, with an adjustable and fully rotational mast. Consider it the spotlight your trees deserve. 


Keeping the lights on and the heat running takes power, which means you’ll need to rent a power generator. For most lots, we recommend our 20kW Diesel Generator. It’s big enough to run for long periods of time without refueling, so you can get your lot up and running and keep it that way, all season long.


We hand-picked the best equipment to serve your tree lot needs.

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Heavy Lifting 

Filling your lot with trees can be back-breaking work, and it can save you a ton of time and energy to bring in some specialized equipment to help with the heavy lifting. 

Consider an industrial forklift or a skid-steer with a forklift attachment to help with the biggest jobs and get your lot up and running sooner rather than later. 


Days and nights at your lot can get chilly. In some parts of the country, it’s downright freezing. You need heat — not just to ensure your customers can shop in comfort but to keep you and your team warm during the long days and nights of Christmas tree season. 

A Top Hat Heater can be your lot’s best friend this time of year. It’s compact — letting you save your space for more trees and more customers — and powerful, providing anywhere from 15,000 to 400,000 BTU, depending on your needs. Meanwhile, a Torpedo Heater will keep your employees warm.

Ground Protection 

Christmas trees are a seasonal business, and chances are, you’ve been asked to leave the lot you’re renting exactly the way you found it when that season comes to an end. 

That’s where ground protection comes into play. We offer a variety of ground protection mats to ensure your customers have a firm surface to walk on — free from mud puddles and holes — while keeping the ground safe from a surge in foot traffic. Our

ArmorDeck ground protection mats can be applied over natural or synthetic turf, dirt, sand, and gravel. And if that’s not the best choice for you, we have lots of other ground protection options to suit your specific needs. 

The Details 

There’s so much more that goes into running a tree lot than selling trees. We get that, and our staff can help you with all of it — from the heavy-duty equipment and small tools to the generators and surveillance cameras that will keep your lot operating, safe and secure. If you're already set with equipment, don't forget to have a back-up plan. For example, when your chainsaw breaks down, equipment rental gives piece of mind. 

Give us a call at 1-866-543-8278 to find out how we can help you this holiday season. 


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