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Want to try a robotic floor cleaner? Ask yourself these 5 questions first

Robotic cleaning machines have quickly become one of the most exciting and innovative trends in facility maintenance.  Like any technology, however, robotic cleaners have limitations, and there are several factors to consider before introducing one on your site. 

Connecting customers with cutting-edge technology is part of the Power of Sunbelt, so, with the help of our trusted supplier Tennant, here are some common questions to think about when sourcing a robotic floor cleaner.

Is my facility a good fit for a robotic floor cleaner? 

Autonomous models can be trained to clean numerous routes in a facility. They’re well-suited for open areas, and they can be trained to work around standing objects. That said, they are not capable of navigating down staircases or steep slopes. The more even your surface is, the better, so it’s a smart idea to inspect your floor plan before using a robotic cleaner. 

Will cleaner manufacturers keep up with technology improvements? 

The field of autonomous cleaners is just getting started. The ones we use are equipped with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence systems, which work to guide the cleaner through its pre-programmed routes. We expect to see new improvements in the years to come. When you rent a cleaner from us, we can walk you through all the latest features, and we can work with you as newer updated models come along. 

How soon can I operate my machine after delivery? 

Today’s autonomous cleaners initially need to be taught the routes. When you rent a machine, be sure to block off some time for training the machine to your environment and getting it programed to your desired  routes and around standing obstacles. Once the routes are programmed it’s as simple as picking the route you want cleaned and hitting start!

Will someone show me how the machine works? 

Yes. When you partner with Sunbelt Rentals, you get the benefit of a full team of floor care experts. So, when you rent an autonomous cleaner, we’ll help you set up the machine, provide you with operating manuals and answer any additional questions. 

How do robotic cleaners affect employees? 

Some human involvement is needed to keep an autonomous cleaner functioning. For instance, humans will need to clear space for the machines, modify routes, charge the batteries and refill tanks. So, autonomous cleaners aren’t a replacement for staff. Instead, they are intended to free up your staff to focus on more nuanced tasks, making your team more productive as a whole. 

Autonomous floor cleaners are a fantastic way to give your facility the cleanliness it deserves, and, at Sunbelt Rentals, our models are leading the way. Our sales team will come to your job site to do a free assessment to see if robotic floor cleaners are a good fit for your business. Contact our Flooring Solutions team at 1-866-443-6858 for a full rundown or provide us with some information and we’ll reach out to you. 


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