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Why Equipment Rental Makes Sense in Floor Maintenance

To buy, or not to buy. That is the question. And when it comes to the equipment needed in flooring maintenance, the answer may not be easy. There’s more to consider than simply how much a company might use the equipment, though that’s a significant consideration. Think about the following when weighing buying versus renting.

Reduced overhead costs.

When buying equipment, factor in more than the upfront capital expense. Once a company buys equipment, the investment must be protected. That includes storage and regular maintenance. Consider how much storage space is currently available. Do you have equipment sitting in storage more often than not? Is this a good use of space or could your equipment be put to better use? Will the company find itself taking on the added expense of acquiring more space to store a full inventory of equipment? There’s also the cost of transporting the equipment to the job site, which might require additional equipment costs like a truck and trailer. It all adds up.

Now what if the equipment were rented? Permanent storage is no longer an issue. And neither is transportation. Sunbelt Rentals delivers the equipment to the job site, where it remains only as long as it’s needed, saving greatly in transportation and storage. Then there’s maintenance. Owned equipment must bear the expense of regular servicing. That will require either the expense of a dedicated company mechanic or the use of a shop for maintenance. The latter puts any immediate equipment needs at the risk of someone else’s schedule.

Rightsizing your equipment needs.

If the equipment isn’t needed, why pay for it? Choosing rental over owning delivers project flexibility. At a moment’s notice, a renter can change their equipment use to align with the actual job. This is beneficial where equipment needs are seasonal or for companies that have gaps in their owned equipment inventory. If equipment needs are seasonal, temporary, or highly specialized on a case-by-case basis, rental offers the flexibility to perfectly match equipment inventory to the actual equipment need.

A trusted equipment source.

Having an industry expert like Sunbelt Rentals not only helps a company cost-effectively meet their equipment needs, but also delivers expertise and training to ensure that the end user is able to safely operate the equipment. Sunbelt Rentals is available 24/7, making it easy to select equipment from one of the world’s largest rental inventories and providing a one-stop source for virtually anything a project might require — including boom lifts, forklifts, and earthmoving equipment. This extensive cross-functional industry knowledge can lead to even greater cost efficiencies for facility managers.


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