How Electrostatic Sprayers Can Help Your Business

Electrostatic spray cleaning delivers touchless disinfection and sanitizing, even in hard-to-reach areas and on challenging equipment. In a time when COVID-19 requires staunch disinfecting protocols for floors, walls, and environment maintenance, electrostatic sprayers deliver an efficient method of decontamination.

Businesses and industries that use electrostatic sprayers also benefit from cost and time savings because electrostatic sprayers use less disinfectant than traditional methods and reduce cleaning time. In addition, because electrostatic sprayers apply disinfectant in a uniform and controlled manner, overuse and waste are reduced, supporting environmental stewardship initiatives.

What is an electrostatic sprayer?

An electrostatic sprayer is a tool that electrically charges the particles of any disinfectant used to evenly distribute a disinfectant across a surface, maximizing its ability to kill germs and sanitize areas. When used with disinfectant, Sunbelt Rentals electrostatic sprayers effectively kill pathogens, including influenza, COVID-19, and more, making them the right tools for comprehensive deep cleaning and sanitation. Our cordless sprayers easily convert from roller cart to backpack and are quiet to use. Rent our electrostatic sprayers for a fast, effective, and convenient way to sanitize your property.

How does electrostatic disinfection work?

The effectiveness of electrostatic sprayers rests in their novel design. When liquid disinfectant vapor passes through the spray nozzle on a Sunbelt Rentals electrostatic sprayer, an electrode charges the disinfectant molecules, so they repel one another and aggressively cling to environmental surfaces. Surfaces that are already covered with disinfectant will repel spray, while untreated surfaces will attract the spray. The unique super-charged disinfectant mist quickly envelopes the undersides and backsides of objects and equipment, even when sprayed from only one side of the object. 

What are electrostatic sprayers used for?

Electrostatic disinfection is a broad-spectrum approach to sanitizing entire rooms, large surfaces, equipment, fixtures, and hard-to-reach spaces. It’s an excellent solution for a wide range of facilities where infection control is crucial, including:

  • Public spaces such as lobbies, restrooms, and waiting rooms
  • Foodservice areas including kitchens, cafeterias, and dining rooms
  • Workspaces including classrooms, offices, and studios
  • Gyms and locker rooms
  • Retail and commercial buildings
  • Vehicle interiors

How do electrostatic sprayers work?

Electrostatic sprayers typically include a battery pack, a disinfectant tank, a tank hose, and a nozzle. When the nozzle trigger is pressed, compressed air forces disinfectant liquid out of the tank, through the hose, and into the nozzle. In the nozzle, an electrode gives the disinfectant a positive charge. The disinfectant is aerosolized and the positively charged particles are attracted to and cling to negatively charged surfaces. The disinfectant evenly coats all surfaces in the vicinity of the spray.

Are electrostatic sprayers safe?

Electrostatic sprayers are a safe alternative to trigger spraying or hand wiping disinfectant when cleaning rooms, fixtures, or surfaces. They are engineered to use less disinfectant and deliver better coverage of surfaces with less spray drift. This lowers chemical exposure to people and lessens the impact of disinfectant chemicals in the environment.

To use an electrostatic sprayer responsibly:

  • Before using a sprayer, be sure you understand all operating instructions.
  • Read the disinfectant product label thoroughly before using it in an electrostatic sprayer. Only use the product if the label includes directions for using it in an electrostatic sprayer.
  • If using a disinfectant concentrate, be sure you properly dilute it before spraying.
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment as directed by the disinfectant label.

Rent electrostatic sprayers from Sunbelt Rentals

In business, it pays to adapt continuously, and electrostatic sprayers have the ability to positively impact your business in a variety of ways. The specialists at Sunbelt Rentals can advise you on any of your floor-related needs. Call 1-866-443-6858 today for a consultation or let us reach out to you



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