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Forklift on concrete floor inside of a warehouse.

5 Critical Steps for Concrete Floor Preparation and Care

Concrete floors offer many advantages over traditional carpet, vinyl, or tiles. But whether you’re drawn to their environmental advantages, the reduced maintenance expenses, or simply that they are more pleasing to the eye, there are important considerations to keep in mind to get the most value out of your concrete flooring.


1. Know Your Goal for Your Desired Concrete Finish


Before you begin, make sure you know these two important things: the current condition of your floor, and your goal for the finish. Having these two factors locked in before you begin will save you time and money by ensuring you have the correct equipment for the job, and that you will hit your projected end date. And you can always contact us for help making the preparation process easier, so your job stays on time and on budget.

Next, review these additional questions to make sure your project runs smoothly:

  • Does the concrete have flaws or issues? An existing stain will likely require a different coating, which will need to be determined before you begin to avoid delays.
  • Is the concrete fresh? As a rule, you should wait at least 28 days before grinding new concrete.
  • Is there access to ample available power? And are there any time constraints on your job? Both questions can affect your timeline and equipment selection.


2. Double Check Your Safety for Concrete Dust Hazards


While standard PPE such as protective boots, gloves and safety glasses are a given on any project, there are extra considerations when working with concrete. Silica dust is a unique concern that is easy to overlook, but it can cause lasting harm. Workers should always wear KN95 masks for protection from silica dust that may arise when grinding or shot-blasting. And you can add extra protection by using water when griding concrete, or by adding air scrubbers, HEPA dust collectors and other specialized gear from Sunbelt Rentals. Just be sure to clean your dust collectors regularly.


3. Choose the Concrete Surface Preparation Equipment


Once you know your goals for concrete prep, selecting the right concrete surface preparation tools will be much easier. Just remember, bigger is not always better. Equipment that is too aggressive can actually slow your progress or damage your flooring. Some concrete flooring may only need a light grinding, while others may require mechanical scrapers, shot blasters or specialty abrasives. And knowing your desired finish will also determine your best approach for the polishing process. But the most critical question may be buying your equipment versus renting it from a trusted vendor. Our concrete experts can match you with the most cost-effective solution for any project or budget.


4. Keep Your Concrete Floor Clean


While we’re happy to advise on the correct tools and protective treatments for your concrete floor, there’s one very easy way ensure your concrete floor stays in great shape: Regular cleaning. Dust and debris tend to collect on concrete flooring, which can lead to surface scratches. A simple sweep or vacuum helps mitigate this, along with regular mopping with a neutral cleaner. If you have a larger surface area, a mechanized cleaner can be a smart choice to save time and effort. Certain finishes can also benefit from an auto scrubber with a suitable grit pad.


5. Revisit Your Concrete Flooring Project


The job doesn’t end when the concrete is finished. Even with regular cleaning and care, you’ll want to conduct regular check-ins with your concrete flooring. This will help determine if a refresh is needed, or if your polished surface needs a little TLC to restore its shine. Most importantly, revisiting your concrete flooring on a regular cadence will help your investment last. But you don’t have to do it alone. Your rental partners can advise you on proper maintenance and advise should any restoration needs arise.

Follow these five critical steps to ensure your concrete flooring project is a success. And contact Sunbelt Rentals for help with any questions or concerns you may have before, during or after your project.