Industrial scrubber

Clean & Maintain Tile Floors with Industrial Scrubbers

Industrial floor scrubbers are essential tools that keep tiled flooring looking its best. These tile scrubbers produce a shine that’s ideal in commercial facilities like retail shops, shopping malls, event spaces, and more. Industrial scrubbers are an important part of a flooring maintenance routine, though, unlike regular cleaning equipment, you won’t need to scrub tile flooring as often.


How Do Industrial Scrubbers Work?


Commercial floor scrubbers are cleaning machines that provide a thorough, deep cleaning for tile flooring, such as linoleum or ceramic tiles, instead of the usual mop and bucket. It’s a highly efficient way to scrub and aggressively remove stubborn dirt and debris between tiles.

These heavy-duty cleaning machines only need to pass over flooring once to scrub them clean effectively. They use a cleaning solution that cleans, then dries each section of flooring in just one pass, which is ideal for large square footage. There are many models, sizes, and flooring scrubbers, with paths ranging from 14 to 42 inches. When cleaning a spacious warehouse or event space, a larger machine is ideal for the best results.


Benefits of Using Industrial Scrubbers for Tile Floor Cleaning


There are several benefits to using an industrial floor cleaning machine on your tile flooring, which makes this option a great alternative to a standard mop or squeegee.


It’s More Efficient for Cleaning


You’ll use less water with a floor scrubbing machine while getting a better, cleaner result by removing grease, dust, grime, and dirt that a regular mop and bucket won’t erase. These scrubbers work like magic with just a fraction of the water, cleaning chemicals, and scrubbing, leaving behind an even, shiny surface.


Flooring Dries Quickly


You’ll notice that a mopped floor can take a while to dry completely. Floor scrubbers use much less water, which speeds up the drying process and reduces the risk of slips and falls. 


It’s Easier!


Industrial scrubbers are among the easiest and most effective floor-cleaning equipment. There are several settings that can help you determine which level is best for the type of flooring. If you’re using a large rider floor scrubber, it can be pushed or ridden across the area to be cleaned, or you can push a smaller, medium-sized model to cover a surface the same way.


Sunbelt Rentals' Range of Industrial Scrubbers for Tile Floor Cleaning


Sunbelt Rentals offers an excellent variety of industrial scrubbers for concrete floors, tiling, and similar floor surfaces. These industrial scrubber machines are ideal for different flooring types, including walk-behind floor scrubbers, industrial cleaning equipment, industrial sweepers, carpet extractors, and commercial cleaning supplies. You’ll also find different sizes that fit best for the size of your facility and tile floor surface.


Why Use Industrial Scrubbers for Tile Floor Maintenance?


Are innovative floor scrubbers a good option for business and commercial spaces? You’ll save a significant amount of time, see better results, and enjoy other benefits, which make using these machines ideal for tiled surfaces.

  • They increase efficiency compared to manual cleaning methods, which use more water and equipment, and leave behind soapy water residue, which can become a safety risk.
  • You’ll see consistent, high-quality results for tile floor maintenance, so you won’t have to use messy mops and manual scrubbers.
  • Deep cleaning benefits include removing debris and grime in between tiles.
  • The consistent finish following a treatment creates a safe surface for cleaning staff, customers, and visitors.


Sunbelt Rentals' Range of Industrial Scrubbers for Tile Floor Cleaning


What type of industrial scrubbers is ideal for your business or company space? You’ll find various models that offer unique benefits for different types of tile flooring.


Walk-Behind Scrubbers


Walk-behind floor scrubbers are excellent for arenas, large event venues, commercial spaces, and industrial buildings. Contract cleaners use these machines with remarkable speed for medium to large spaces. They are highly efficient, and you can easily scrub and clean vast areas quickly.


Ride-On Scrubbers


Ride-on scrubbers come in several sizes, either as a large machine or a compact, battery-operated device. This floor-cleaning machine is ideal for surfaces that require a more rigorous treatment, especially if they contain layers of dirt or grime. These scrubbers are also adaptable to sensitive areas so that they can provide the deep cleaning your flooring needs without causing any damage or disruption.


Automatic Scrubbers


You might prefer an automatic floor scrubber if you have more than one room or space to clean, as this machinery will accomplish the job in less time. These machines are versatile and can be used in various settings, even for daytime cleaning.


Selecting the Right Industrial Scrubber for Your Tile Floor Cleaning Needs


When you choose an industrial floor scrubber, it’s essential to assess the type of flooring, size, and condition of the tiles to find the right equipment for your cleaning and maintenance needs.




Question: How often should tile flooring be cleaned with an industrial scrubber?

Answer: For best results, you should use an industrial scrubber once every three to four months. If your place of business or space is frequently used, and there is a high level of pedestrian traffic, such as a train station or shopping mall, you should scrub the floors weekly or once every two weeks.


Question: Can industrial scrubbers be used on different types of tile flooring?

Answer: Industrial flooring scrubbers are ideal for tiles, concrete, and similar durable surfaces, though you’ll need different equipment to treat hardwood floors and other types of flooring.


Question: Can Sunbelt Rentals provide training on using industrial scrubbers for tile floor cleaning?

Answer: Yes. Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide range of facility cleaning and management training courses specializing in operating the different cleaning rental equipment we have in our fleet.

Sunbelt Rentals offers an excellent selection of flooring cleaning equipment, training, and helpful advice from equipment experts. You’ll find all the tile flooring supplies, scrubbers, and accessories you need to maintain moderate to large-scale tile flooring and high-traffic areas while improving the quality and shine of the surface.