When Hurricanes Strike

Hurricanes are one of nature’s deadliest forces, and when they hit, the results can be catastrophic. Step into the eye of the storm and protect your future with in-depth statistics, forecasts, and tips designed to keep you safe in the event of this natural disaster.

Prepare your business for hurricane season.

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Hurricanes by the numbers

A breakdown of the world’s deadliest storms and when they can hit

The U.S. Hurricane season runs from
Mid-May to the end of november
graph showing when the most hurricanes are Source: NOAA

10 DeadlistU.S. Storms  

10 Deadlist Storm chart

10 Costliest StormsU.S. Storms (Adjusted for inflation)

List of costliest storms

Forecasting the future

Know when to brace for impact

2019 Hurricane Season Forecast

Bar graphs of 2019 forecast Source: https://tropical.colostate.edu

Costliest Storms by landfall date

List of costliest storms by landfall

Get prepared for the storm

Stay safe at home and at work

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  1. Stockpile nonperishable food and water.
  2. Write down important phone numbers, and keep backups of important documents.
  3. Make sure your primary vehicles are fueled and in good condition for evacuation.
  4. Prepare a stock of first aid and personal medical supplies
workplace icon
  1. Protect records and keep backup drives.
  2. Stock up on emergency building supplies.
  3. Keep adequate supplies of nonperishable food and water.
  4. Implement workplace emergency trainingand drills


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