Severe Storms Pt. 3 Recovery – How can you clean up from the storm?

In May, our team developed part one of the severe storms blog series and explained how hurricanes are among the most dangerous storms in the world. We explained the importance of establishing a contingency plan, as it is extremely difficult to efficiently react during these storms.

In part two of this series, we discussed how to react to a storm and how relying on an emergency and disaster response team can save you the hassle of finding equipment and support services.

Today, we want to cover the following applications available for cleaning up after a storm:

  • Emergency dewatering
  • Debris removal
  • Remediation and restoration
  • Temporary roadways and shelter flooring

Emergency Dewatering

When a hurricane hits, water can seem endless. High performance pump products and pump accessories can help dewater your site. A company such as Sunbelt Rentals can help you identify the correct equipment, design plan, and maintenance options for all emergency pumping needs. 

Debris Removal

Looking to remove debris from the storm?

Material handling and lift equipment from carts, drum dollies, forklifts, and hand trucks to hoists, lift tables, pallet trucks, and loading dock equipment will help increase your productivity.

Remediation and Restoration

After being hit with a storm, it’s critical to get your home, facility, and/or community building back to its entirety as soon as possible. Equipment most often needed in an emergency includes: generators, pumps, aerial work platforms, vacuums, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers. These solutions can quickly be provided to your site to help recover from a disaster.

Temporary Roadways and Shelter Flooring

Indestructible temporary/portable roadways are available to protect your environment and reduce time spent on recovery relief after a severe storm. These roadways support emergency vehicles to successfully bring help to the emergency response team’s destination.

Make sure you are prepared for hurricane season. Look back on our blog series to help you prepare for a hurricane, activate your contingency plan during the storm, and help recover from a severe storm.


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