When a disaster strikes, day-to-day operations stand the risk of a complete shutdown. If you have not already, it is crucial to establish a contingency plan with the appropriate vendor. The emergency response support team at Sunbelt Rentals will help quickly mitigate damage and loss  by providing the recovery supplies and equipment needed. A well-crafted contingency plan will consider past experiences, help reduce the extent of damage, and better prepare your customers for future scenarios. This plan will also reduce downtime and increase productivity, saving your customers business time and money.

After a contingency plan is developed, rest-assured that the Sunbelt Rentals team will be there to support you with urgent tasks associated with recovery efforts. These remediation and restoration tasks can range from initially restoring the power to a facility and bringing processes back online to supplying equipment to remove moisture and dry carpet during an unexpected situation.

Although the dates, times, and locations of unexpected severe storms cannot be predicted, it is safe to say that everyone should prepare for their seasons. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season runs May 15 through November 30 and the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. Before a severe storm strikes, Sunbelt Rentals representatives work intimately with their customers to ensure seamless coordination of equipment deliveries to their location impacted by the storm. 

Sunbelt Rentals is available 24/7 to help quickly mitigate damage and loss. The team understands the needs of remediation and restoration projects, and disaster response units are strategically placed throughout the U.S. to mobilize equipment for your convenience.

Keep in mind, there is a solution offered for whatever damage you experience. Renting portable and containerized generators, for example, allows steady and reliable power when a severe storm eliminates it.

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Types of Disaster & Hurricane Recovery Solutions and Applications

The following applications are available for cleaning up after a storm:

Emergency Dewatering

When a hurricane hits, water can seem endless. High performance pump products and pump accessories can help dewater a job site. A company such as Sunbelt Rentals can help identify the correct equipment, design plan, and maintenance options for all emergency pumping needs. 

Debris Removal

Looking to remove debris from the storm? Material handling and lift equipment from carts, drum dollies, forklifts, and hand trucks to hoists, lift tables, pallet trucks, and loading dock equipment will help increase productivity.

Remediation and Restoration

After being hit with a storm, it’s critical to get your customer’s home, facility, and/or community building back to its entirety as soon as possible. Supplies and equipment most often needed in an emergency includes: generators, pumps, aerial work platforms, vacuums, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers. These solutions can quickly be provided to a site to help recover from a disaster.

Temporary Roadways and Shelter Flooring

Indestructible temporary/portable roadways are available to protect the job site’s environment and reduce time spent on recovery relief after a severe storm. These roadways support emergency vehicles to successfully bring help to the emergency response team’s destination.

Our webinar “Contingency Planning: Preparing Your Business for Disaster” is available for free download. In it, we cover all the essentials of assessing and planning for your business’ emergency needs, from industry standards to how to establish your power requirements. 

If you would like more information on contingency planning or any other storm-related assistance, please reach out to the Sunbelt Rentals team today. Plus, download the Sunbelt Rentals app on App Store and Google Play to easily rent lawn care tools and equipment and schedule delivery to your home.


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