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We’re all in this together — Keeping equipment clean amid COVID-19

At Sunbelt Rentals, your safety is mission critical. 

As healthcare workers around the world strive to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking extra precautions behind the scenes to keep our fleet safe and available through every step of the rental process. Together, we can make a difference, but we need your help. 

First, it is important that customers monitor their job sites for the presence of COVID-19 and follow the appropriate guidelines from health officials. If your job site is subject to a known exposure or has confirmed contact with the virus, please advise us immediately. 

Upon any equipment request, we ask you please provide an uncontaminated staging area for delivery. Once our equipment is delivered, please continue to monitor your job site for the duration of your rental for any exposure to COVID-19.  

If your job site is subject to a known exposure or has confirmed contact with the virus, please advise one of our rental specialists and follow these procedures: 

  • To facilitate a safe pickup, customers must disinfect equipment within a reasonable timeframe, provide documentation of the method of disinfection and provide an uncontaminated staging area for pickup. 
  • If equipment is in need of service and in a contaminated area, it must be disinfected and moved to an uncontaminated staging area. 

Once our personnel is onsite, we will conduct an additional “clean sweep” before equipment can be serviced or transported.

If customers cannot provide proof of proper equipment sanitation (as outlined above), all equipment must be quarantined at the job site for at least three days, or until decontamination is confirmed. Please note equipment will remain under rental for this cooling-off period.

We thank you for your help during this time. Our specialists will continue working hard to ensure your safety and to keep your job site and the Power of Sunbelt going strong. 

Are you unsure if your facility is ready for equipment rental? Contact our specialists now for assistance

Sunbelt Rentals offers curbside service at our branches for equipment pick-up and drop-off. Click here to Learn More.


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