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How Rental Can Support Your Portable Cooling Needs


How demand for permanent cooling equipment exceeds current availability


Today’s demand for long-term cooling equipment and related materials far exceeds the supply, which has become a significant challenge in maintaining climate-controlled sites, including warehouses, schools, residential buildings, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

While the price of HVAC equipment and supplies has increased significantly, there is also a shortage of permanent air conditioning equipment and components, which means placing an order for a permanent cooling device will result in delays due to supply chain issues.

Annually, the price of air conditioning units and heating systems typically rises between five and nine percent. One of the most effective solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings is to rent temporary cooling options to provide a safe, healthy and functional environment for their people and their products.

Renting portable air conditioning equipment is ideal for providing proper temperature control and air quality throughout your facilities. When you work with a sizable rental company that provides an extensive selection of portable air conditioning units and cooling solutions, you can effectively avoid the drawbacks of supply chain shortages.

A significant shortage in labor and raw materials matched with increased fuel and transportation costs contribute to the lack of HVAC equipment and cooling systems available for purchase. Rentals also assure that you’ll have optimal cooling systems in place with the support of a Climate Control rental professional for service and repairs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


How companies are solving their temporary cooling needs today


Precise temperature control is crucial for the workplace, as it prevents injury and illness while maintaining a stable environment for optimal productivity. Weather-related illnesses and fatalities increase with every degree over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which means high temperatures and a lack of available cooling can place employees at risk.

In residential buildings, hospitals, and large commercial buildings, there is the potential for dangerous conditions when there is a lack of portable cooling units.

Before you rent portable AC units in your building, it’s essential to schedule an assessment with a trained Climate Control Solution expert who can recommend the best cooling options for your space. The best options for your facilities and the environment include adequate ventilation and spot cooling in specific areas, such as a server room or storage facility.

The overall size and quantity of portable cooling equipment required to maintain a consistent temperature and relative humidity within a space can vary. There are several factors that a rental solution provider must consider. For example, in a warehouse facility, understanding the amount of additional heat-load within a space through the operation manufacturing machinery or equipment must be included in their cooling calculations. During the initial assessment, your Sunbelt Rentals Climate Control expert will review your site in detail to determine how your space can accommodate cooling units:

  • Is there adequate power for the installation of portable units throughout the facilities?
  • The dimensions of each room and site area, including ceiling height, windows, and exposed areas, such as loading docks, decks, and other site features.
  • Are there existing cooling units in the building that can provide cool air to support additional portable AC units?
  • Are there specific challenges that may require additional portable air conditioners, such as high humidity and specific spaces subject to risk, due to machinery and equipment that requires cooling to avoid over-heating?
  • Measurements of the space to determine the square footage that needs to be cooled and any specialised equipment that requires additional spot cooling, such as electrical equipment, sensitive materials, data centers, and other criteria.
  • The type of facility and work performed on-site, and whether it is considered low activity, such as an office or retail space, or manufacturing or warehouse space, where there is high activity.

Portable cooling units provide the type of airflow required for a variety of spaces, and your Sunbelt Rentals Climate Control expert can provide recommended portable cooling units and air quality equipment to improve airflow, ventilation, and the overall quality of the workspace.

If you require specific temperatures throughout your facilities, our team can monitor changes in the building’s climate and coordinate to have additional equipment installed, or repaired, if necessary.

Regular monitoring is also essential to ensure that the cooling equipment performs well and performing repairs to correct or improve the machinery output so that productivity may continue uninterrupted without risk of overheating or temperature fluctuations.

Once your rental partner determines which portable air conditioners are best for your workspace, the entire process is handled from start to finish. Sunbelt Rentals experts provide all the required services, from the delivery and setup to ensuring the cooling equipment operates efficiently. Your Sunbelt Rentals solutions provider will coordinate with a licensed electrician if specific AC units or cooling systems need an electrical panel. Routine maintenance, repairs, and replacement equipment are arranged regularly to ensure all cooling units run efficiently throughout the facilities.


Exploring portable cooling rental options


Sunbelt Rentals offers an extensive fleet of portable cooling units and equipment options for your facility, including small portable air conditioners, HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, and air filtration units. Various equipment options are available for your worksite, whether you require a portable water-cooled air conditioner, evaporative cooling fans, large commercial air conditioners, or smaller portable units.

Buildings designed for commercial, industrial, or retail spaces remain comfortably cool with small, portable air conditioners. Evaporative cooling fans are ideal for warehouses and larger spaces that need a more economical solution. These impressive fans use 110V power, provide substantial cooling in areas with dry heat, and reduce the risk of stress from humidity and extreme heat.


How you can work with Sunbelt Rentals


As supply chain issues are expected to continue until 2023, purchasing new HVAC systems and cooling equipment will be challenging for many industries. Sunbelt Rentals works closely with companies to provide a cooling quote based on a business's needs and budget.

Every worksite is assessed, measured, and inspected to ensure the best equipment is recommended. Long-term rental options offer the most cost-effective and practical cooling solutions that ensure a healthier climate, productivity, and a comfortable working environment.

Contact Sunbelt Rentals today to get a quote on a temporary cooling or heating system tailored to your needs.

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