A photo collage of a person on a Sunbelt Rentals scissor lift inspecting a ceiling-mounted air duct, a person wearing a welder's helmet welding, a person in a yellow safety vest and helmet looking at a clipboard in the midst of an industrial machine with gray pipes.

Practicing Industrial Preventive & Predictive Maintenance: How a Rental Partner Can Help

Today’s plant managers can’t rely on maintenance schedules to keep their industrial facilities running smoothly. They need to keep their finger on the pulse of their plant, whether it’s producing cars, fabricating windows, or processing natural gas. 

Savvy plant managers practice preventive and predictive maintenance to avoid unexpected plant shutdowns and minimize operations pauses for planned maintenance. Looping an equipment rental partner into your preventive and predictive maintenance can help keep budgets in check and operations clicking along like the well-oiled machine the plant was designed to be.


A person in a yellow safety vest and helmet looking at a clipboard in the midst of an industrial machine with gray pipes.


What's the Difference Between Industrial Preventive and Predictive Maintenance?


Preventive maintenance is a systematic program that includes inspecting and servicing machinery regularly to prevent problems before they happen. Each piece of machinery is different, though preventive maintenance programs can often be based on standards established by the American National Standards Institute.

Preventive maintenance includes a schedule of when and who will do the maintenance, as well as documentation of when it was completed and conditions found during the maintenance. 


Industrial Predictive Maintenance Can Include:


  • Lubrication
  • Filter changes
  • Oil changes
  • Parts replacement
  • Weld monitoring and repair
  • Belt inspection and cleaning


Benefits of Preventive Maintenance:


  • Extended life span of company equipment
  • Decreased occurrence of unplanned downtime due to equipment failure
  • Streamlined maintenance and inspection processes, minimizing unnecessary tasks
  • Reduced errors in day-to-day operations
  • Enhanced reliability of equipment
  • Fewer costly repairs resulting from unforeseen equipment failures that require immediate attention
  • Lowered risk of workplace injuries

Predictive maintenance uses real-time monitoring to track the health of a machine, typically through sensors that are connected to the internet. It helps plant and facility managers avoid costly equipment failure. 


Predictive Maintenance Can Include:


  • Vibration analysis: Used to detect imbalance, loose parts, or misalignment
  • Infrared analysis: Used to detect issues connected to cooling, airflow, and motor stress
  • Sonic acoustical analysis: Used to find worn or under-lubricated bearings
  • Air quality monitoring: Ensures temperature and humidity are within acceptable levels


A man, wearing a white safety helmet and green safety gear, safely secures a Sunbelt Rentals manlift to a flatbed truck for an industrial facility maintenance equipment delivery.


5 Benefits of Working with an Equipment Rental Provider for Industrial Plant Maintenance 


Working with a rental provider, such as Sunbelt Rentals, can save money and create peace of mind for plant managers. Here are some of the reasons plant managers should consider a comprehensive rental partner:

  • Expertise and technical knowledge: Equipment providers specialize in their specific products and have in-depth knowledge about their maintenance and operation. They can provide valuable expertise, guidance, and support in maintaining and optimizing the performance of industrial equipment.
  • Cost efficiency: Partnering with an equipment provider can lead to cost savings in the long run. Through optimized maintenance practices, timely repairs, and equipment performance improvements, you can avoid costly breakdowns, extend the life span of your equipment, and maximize its productivity.
  • Customized maintenance solutions: Equipment providers can tailor maintenance plans to suit the specific needs of your industrial plant. They can conduct assessments, perform preventive maintenance, and recommend best practices to optimize equipment performance. This, in turn, can extend the life span of equipment and reduce the risk of unexpected failures. Read more about how Sunbelt Rentals helps its industrial facility customers reduce downtime with customized maintenance programs. 
  • Proactive maintenance and predictive analytics: Many equipment providers use advanced technologies, such as data analytics and predictive maintenance tools. They can help you monitor equipment performance, identify potential issues before they become critical, and provide proactive maintenance recommendations to prevent costly breakdowns.
  • Training and support: Equipment providers can offer training programs and resources to educate your staff on proper equipment operation, maintenance procedures, and safety protocols. This empowers your team to effectively maintain and troubleshoot equipment, enhancing overall operational efficiency and reducing the risk of errors or accidents.


Sunbelt Rentals Has a Wide Variety of Equipment to Help with Preventive Maintenance:


  • Air handlers
  • Chillers
  • Generators
  • Manlifts (articulating and straight boom)
  • Mast boom lifts
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Scaffolding
  • Scissor lifts
  • Welders


For Predictive Maintenance, Sunbelt Rentals Has Two Remote Monitoring Options That Provide Online Access to Data:


  • Surface air remote monitoring system: A wireless solution for monitoring temperature and humidity
  • Remote monitor: Cellular network connected solution to monitor equipment in remote locations, including pump run time and inflow rate

Sunbelt Rentals has the expertise and equipment to assist plant managers in developing a comprehensive maintenance plan.

Contact our rental experts to see how Sunbelt Rentals can help with your industrial plant maintenance needs.