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Increase Productivity by Heating Your Job Site

Winter will be here before we know it. Have you evaluated your upcoming projects and determined how your team will make it through their tasks in a time-efficient manner?

Earlier this year, our Working in the Cold blog mentioned a statistic from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: “The months of January and February typically feature the coldest temperatures of the year in many locations across the United States.”

No matter your role in managing a construction project, your top two priorities most likely include keeping your project on schedule and under budget.

However, the low temperatures brought in during the winter months can create delays around your timeline –  if you let them. To avoid your construction materials being compromised, be sure to provide adequate heat.

The following jobs require adequate heat during lower temperatures:

  • Millwork
  • Drywall
  • Concrete pours
  • Fireproofing

The cold environment can also negatively affect your workers and their productivity. As temperatures decrease, health hazards increase. Per OSHA, it is important for employers to know the wind chill temperature so that they can gauge workers’ exposure risk better and plan how to safely do the work.

Avoid OSHA incidents and the decrease of productivity by working safely and efficiently with heaters designed for indoor and outdoor use. The following are ideal choices for your winter projects:

If you’re looking for a deeper dive, the Sunbelt Rentals Heat Equipment Guide can help you choose the right heater for your specific job site need.

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