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Don’t Let the HVAC Equipment Shortage Delay Your Construction Project. Do This Instead!

Supply shortages in HVAC equipment, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, HVAC parts, and related construction equipment are significant obstacles many companies face due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While this worldwide raw materials shortage impacts the construction industry, significantly smaller scale contractors, acquiring the necessary parts for AC units, heating systems, and related parts becomes increasingly more challenging. 

Equipment rental businesses offer an essential service for projects of all sizes in the construction industry so that construction companies experience fewer supply chain issues during a project. When supply networks slow due to material and labor shortages, finding an equipment rental service is beneficial when there is a lack of resources and HVAC equipment.


What is causing the HVAC equipment shortages in 2022?


One of the main reasons for the international raw materials shortage for HVAC equipment and related materials is the ongoing pandemic, which has slowed production and caused manufacturing disruptions and delays in the supply chain. This process begins with a shortage of raw materials needed to build HVAC systems through large supply networks.

Any available items face significant competition from other industries, including smartphones, washing machines, small appliances, and automobiles.


Challenges around sourcing HVAC parts and long lead times


As materials become available to retailers, there are often delays in shipping and delivery, impacting not only the HVAC industry but other manufacturers of mobile devices, household appliances, cars, and related items for commercial and residential use.

The top materials experiencing short supply include aluminium, steel, copper, and high-quality plastic; all essential parts of HVAC equipment.

According to Forbes, shortages in specific materials are expected to continue into 2023 and possibly 2024, such as semiconductor chips, which have caused extensive shortages in laptops, gaming equipment, and related technology.

In some parts of North America, labor shortage impacts productivity levels, distribution, and access to HVAC and construction equipment and is likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

When there are long delays and uncertainties in the supply chain, the price of raw materials increases, resulting in higher construction project costs. In some cases, certain raw materials and HVAC equipment may double in price, which places financial strain on the manufacturing industry. There is a higher risk of longer wait times to receive specific materials, which leads to delays in completing a project.


Shut down due to HVAC mechanical failures and inability to source equipment


When there is a shortage in construction equipment due to mechanical failures, some companies may attempt to repair current machinery to extend its function, including older HVAC equipment, air conditioner systems, and heaters.

There are several reasons why construction machinery and HVAC systems may fail a bit sooner than expected, including:

  • A lack of proper maintenance, including needed repairs, assessments, and regular service to ensure machinery is functioning safely and efficiently
  • Too much maintenance and unnecessary changes to machinery that may impair or interfere with its performance
  • The equipment is aging and was not replaced promptly, which leads to a complete shutdown
  • Improper handling or operation of equipment, tools, and related parts

While proper construction machinery and equipment maintenance can provide more prolonged use and cost savings, mechanical failures can occur when HVAC equipment isn’t properly serviced or replaced.


Certified HVAC technician shortage


HVAC technicians are in high demand, and while many professional HVAC contractors are available, choosing a reputable rental company with trained technicians for your construction project is essential. There are a few strategies that can help construction companies during the ongoing shortage:

  • Pre-order materials and equipment and enlist a highly qualified Climate Control rental team in advance to avoid a lack of service and HVAC equipment, as the just-in-time method may not work effectively
  • Establish regular communication rental suppliers so that you’ll receive updates on which materials and equipment services are available.


Impact on the HVAC and construction industry


When the cost of materials and equipment increases, this can cause financial stress, a shortage of HVAC equipment, staffing, and delays in completing construction projects. As more construction companies aim to complete a project with minimal disruption, renting this equipment becomes a viable solution.

As consumer demand for equipment rental services increases, construction companies and contractors can avoid the significant delays and higher prices for purchasing HVAC equipment.


How construction companies are solving this with temporary heater rentals


As the construction industry continues to face uncertainty in acquiring HVAC equipment for worksites, the temporary rental of heaters is a great solution. Temporary heater rentals provide a way to keep workers comfortable and warm materials and maintain a safe and productive environment.

On construction sites, these heaters provide many uses, including:

  • Heating and thawing the ground, which can aid earthmoving equipment and excavators, especially during colder seasons
  • Climate-controlled environment for finishes and workers, which improves the longevity of building materials, millwork, flooring, and other tools
  • Assists in drying finishes, curing concrete, and preventing the outside elements such as rain or snow from damaging your permanent materials
  • Mimicking your permanent HVAC system so your finish materials will have a seamless transition when construction is complete

It’s essential to rent equipment to keep your worksite areas consistently warm and dry. There are a variety of temporary heating options which include Make-Up Air, Indirect Fired, Forced Air, etc. These can be fueled a variety of ways, including natural gas, propane diesel, or electric.

It’s best to consult with a professional Sales Representative & HVAC technician to ensure all heaters are installed safely & properly for the right air distribution for your project.


Temporary heat rental solutions in action


Sunbelt Rentals can provide excellent heating and climate control solutions on construction worksites, skilled labor, and related services. You can save time and effort finding employees and construction equipment. This professional service offers the turnkey solution you need for any project size, including the heavy equipment, materials, and tools required to complete all tasks efficiently.


Partnering with Sunbelt Rentals Climate Control


Sunbelt Rentals offers the best solution for the construction industry, with one of the largest fleets in North America. Sunbelt Rentals can offer an extensive selection of equipment for all construction projects.

While Sunbelt isn’t immune to ongoing supply chain issues projected for the future, we have a large selection of premium quality equipment. We mitigate our own supply chain issues by manufacturing 65% of our own equipment and partnering with other top manufacturers to bolster our fleet.

We are considered one of the top construction equipment rental companies, with a wide range of expert service locations. As a leader in the construction rental industry, Sunbelt offers a network of locations, expert services, and an impressive variety of products to support any worksite or project.

Contact Sunbelt Rentals today to get a quote on a temporary cooling or heating system tailored to your needs.

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