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How Much Could Frigid Temperatures Cost Your Plant in Winter?


On New Year’s Day 2018, Williston, ND, had the dubious distinction of being the coldest place on earth. Just how cold was it? According to the US National Weather Service, without wind chill the temperature was -45°F. The plant managers at fixed Oil and Gas facilities were not celebrating; they were fighting over heaters. Without heat to keep valves and pipes from freezing, plants couldn’t process gas or deliver it to meet their contractual obligations. They were losing millions of dollars and willing to pay almost any price to rent heaters—if only they were available.


You may wonder why we’re talking about winter when the calendar finally says it’s spring. First, because you may still be hearing about the revenue that plunging temperatures cost your facility last winter. And second, because if you take a few steps now, you can avoid a repeat and keep expenses in bounds. (See our tipsheet for industrial heating.)

No plant can completely escape unseasonably cold temperatures—they’ve wreaked havoc as far south as Texas. But wherever you are, dealing with unexpected cold is a classic “plan-or-pay” scenario. When you’re on the job, you need to plan for the worst case. The worst case here is that frigid temperatures could cost your company millions of dollars every day — if a proper plan isn’t implemented. 

The smart solution goes beyond simply buying or renting more heaters. By partnering with experts, you can ensure you not only have proven technology that’s safe and environmentally sound, you will also have the support needed for troubleshooting and maintenance. In addition, you’ll develop a contingency plan to deal with worst-case scenarios. When it feels like your world is freezing over, equipment rental specialists will provide you with the knowledge and proper equipment to help you through it. 

If you’re looking to save money and establish a proactive plan to avoid unexpected costly spends, download our six tips to keep your plant up and running. This guide will help you avoid unnecessary stress by carrying on business as usual during even the coldest temperatures. 

Download "6 Tips to Keep Your Plant Running No Matter What Winter Brings"

We hope this tip sheet will help you avoid frozen or burst valves and pipes, and recover quickly when your plant faces unseasonable cold. If you have questions, please contact a Sunbelt Rentals representative. We’re here to help.


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