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Promotional Terms and Conditions

Limitations, Restrictions and Terms and Conditions for Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. Marketing Promotional Codes, Vouchers and Discounts (collectively or individually referred to as “Sunbelt Promotions”)

Sunbelt Promotions will be honored provided the following conditions are met.

  1. The Sunbelt Promotion documentation must be presented and applied prior to the beginning of the rental period (will not be honored if submitted after rental or with payment. Documentation submitted with any invoice is forfeited and will not be returned to the customer.)
  2. A Sunbelt Promotion can only be used on new rental contracts commenced after Customer submits the Sunbelt Promotion documentation (cannot be applied to open/current contracts).
  3. A Sunbelt Promotion can only be used on a single rental contract (cannot be used more than once per customer).
  4. The initial reservation and/or rental contract reflects an estimated rental period and cost; therefore, the actual discount will be reflected on the final invoice after the completion of the rental contract.
  5. A Sunbelt Promotion can only be applied to the first 30 days (one month) of the rental contract; therefore, the Sunbelt Promotion will be reflected on the first invoice of the applicable rental contract, and subsequent invoices will reflect the correct rental rate (with no discount) through the completion of the rental period.
  6. Sunbelt Promotions are only applicable to rental items/equipment (not sales items, merchandise, safety merchandise, training, delivery, service, rental protection plan, labor, taxes, fuel, repairs or any other services provided by Sunbelt Rentals).
  7. Sunbelt Promotions are not valid when combined with any other promotions, discounted rental rates, national/regional negotiated rental rates, coupons, and/or gift cards.
  8. Sunbelt Promotions are not valid past the later of (i) the expiration date listed or (ii) if no expiration date is listed, 12/31 of the calendar year in which the promotion, coupon, or voucher is issued or commenced.
  9. Any unused portion of a Sunbelt Promotion with a dollar discount is forfeited after usage on single contract (remainder cannot be used on another contract).
  10. Sunbelt Promotions are only valid if payment is received by Sunbelt within fifteen (15) days of the invoice date; otherwise, the discount shall be void.
  11. Customer must execute and comply with the Sunbelt rental contract terms and conditions and it is Customer’s responsibility to read such document.
  12. Sunbelt Promotion is subject to availability of desired equipment.
  13. Sunbelt Promotions are not redeemable for any cash value.
  14. False representations, photo-copies, illegible, and/or altered coupons, vouchers, promotion codes, flyers, mailers are subject to refusal without notice or replacement.

These Terms and any Sunbelt Promotion is subject to change without notice, in the sole discretion of Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. Additional terms and conditions may be added to specific promotions and either listed below or on the specific Sunbelt Promotion material.

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