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Air Quality Regulatory Compliance Standby Generators

Policy & Information Related to Air Quality Regulatory Compliance Emergency Standby Generators

Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. obtains registrations in California’s Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) for generators available for rental in California. While appropriate for many applications, a PERP registration is generally not valid for units dispatched in anticipation of a power disruption

Standby generators are subject to the permit requirements of the local air district with jurisdiction in a specific area. Registered engines (including standby generators) may not operate as stationary sources of air pollution. Therefore, this type of operation is only allowed under very specific circumstances which are listed in Section 2451(c)(9) of the PERP Regulation and as described below:

Power production to maintain grid stability during an emergency event or other unforeseen event that affects grid stability.

During unforeseen interruptions of electrical power from the serving utility, maintenance and repair operations, and electrical upgrade operations including startup, shutdown, and testing that do not exceed 60 calendar days.

However, if your facility has an interruptible rate agreement with a utility you may not use PERP registered generators under those circumstances, even if one of the situations described above applies.

Local air districts are charged with enforcement of the PERP. If you have any questions regarding whether a local air permit is required for your particular situation you are strongly encouraged to contact your local agency.

You can find a map depicting the California Air Districts here:

Links to the website for each California Air District are located here: