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Formerly National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), Sourcewell is a self-supporting government organization that streamlines the procurement process by developing, RFP’s, & RFB’s for national competitive solicitations that meet or exceed local requirements. Participation in Sourcewell is available to all Government entities, public and private k-12 schools, colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations. Sourcewell members may purchase off of these contracts through awarded suppliers. For more information about Sourcewell please visit

Sunbelt Rentals Sourcewell specific information can be found at

In order to receive pricing and benefits of this contract a Contract Participation Form will need to be completed by the member or eligible entity. Upon completion of the form your entities account number(s) will be linked to this particular contract, permitting your entity to receive contract pricing and benefits. If you do not have a Sunbelt Rentals account, a Sunbelt Rentals representative will be in contact with you to help establish an account.

Please contact with any questions, or help setting up an account.

By completing this form you are indicating you are authorized to enroll your entity as an eligible contract participant.