E&I Cooperative Service

E&I Cooperative Services (E&I) is the only member-owned, non-profit purchasing cooperative solely focused on serving education and related facilities. E&I delivers expertise, solutions, and services through a diverse portfolio of competitively solicited contracts and value-added services. By leveraging the knowledge and purchasing power of its nationwide membership, E&I helps higher education and K-12 institutions reduce costs, optimize supply chain efficiencies, and save time on the RFP process. The Cooperative’s member-driven competitive solicitation process has been validated by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) as complying with generally accepted procurement standards. For more information about E&I please visit www.eandi.org.

For specific information about Sunbelt Rentals E&I contract please visit Sunbelt Contract - E&I Cooperative Services.

In order to receive pricing and benefits of this contract a Contract Participation Form will need to be completed by the member or eligible entity. Upon completion of the form your entities account number(s) will be linked to this particular contract, permitting your entity to receive contract pricing and benefits. If you do not have a Sunbelt Rentals account, a Sunbelt Rentals representative will be in contact with you to help establish an account.

Please contact SBR4GOV@sunbeltrentals.com with any questions, or help setting up an account.

By completing this form you are indicating you are authorized to enroll your entity as an eligible contract participant.