Film Production Studio Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals Film & TV operates numerous studios across Canada, in addition to a 23-acre backlot with 30 storefronts and 6 interior sets. Our studio spaces are designed to accommodate productions of all sizes and come equipped with various amenities, creating a modern and turnkey work environment.

Our Studios, Your Production

Looking for the perfect space for your next project? Our studios and backlot offer a wide range of facilities, each with its own features and benefits. Explore our spaces below to find the perfect fit for your production.

Backlot: A Modern-Day Town

Experience the best of filmmaking at our 23-acre backlot. Purposefully built for feature films, TV series, and commercials, our backlot boasts 6 interior sets, 30 storefronts, and 2 green screens, all situated on a 90-acre plot of land. It can also be easily transformed to meet any production need.