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CAT CLASS: 0410170

6" Diesel Double Diaphragm Open Pump


A positive displacement pump that is ideal for handling the mud and slurries often found at construction sites, as well as for pumping abrasive materials. They feature a double plunger design with dual diaphragm pump chambers and heavy-duty cushion rods for rugged, dependable performance. Pumps are self-priming and can run dry continuously.


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Consump# Full Load .33 GPH
HP 10.05
Max GPM 600
Max Head 130 '
Max Solids 4.25"
Onboard Fuel Cap 71 gal.
Overall Dimensions 112" x 74" x 64"
Run Time Full Load 216 hrs.
Suction/Dicharge 6"
Type 6"
Weight 1950 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Eye Protection
  • Gloves