CAT CLASS: 0410410

3" x 3" Diesel High Head Automatic-Priming Pump


Capable of handling strong flows through industrial applications with a significantly higher head rating than standard trash pumps. With a self-priming pump and large fuel tanks, it allows for easy operation and extended run times up to 33.3 hours on full load. This diesel-powered pump has 3’’x 3’’ suction and discharge with a max head of 300’, enabling it to effectively handle liquids when high heads and pressure is required.


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Consump# Full Load 3.6 GPH 3.6 GPH
Diesel Engine John Deere 4045D N.A.
Dry Weight N.A. 3,150 lbs.
Engine N.A. John Deere 75 HP
HP 75 N.A.
Max GPM 450 450
Max Head 300 ' 300 '
Max Solids 1" N.A.
Mounting Type Trailer N.A.
Onboard Fuel Cap 120 gal. 120 gal.
Overall Dimensions 135"L x 66"W x 83"H 135"L x 66"W x 83"H
Run Time Full Load 33.3 hrs. 33.3 hrs.
Suction x Discharge 3" x 3" 3" x 3"
Type 3" HH NS 3" HH NS1
Weight_Wet/Dry 3,90/3,150 lbs. N.A.

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Eye Protection
  • Gloves