CAT CLASS: 0410340

12" Diesel Hi-Volume Silent Pump


An innovation in the pumping world, our 12” high volume, silenced diesel trash pumps have set an industry standard in both performance and environmental protection. These units boast outstanding sound attenuation, making them perfect for any application where noise is a consideration. They’re also self-contained, protecting against any possible engine, fuel or coolant leaks. In addition, these units are high volume, meaning you can achieve greater max GPM at higher TDH ratings.


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Consump# Full Load 10.5 GPH
Dry Weight 11,000 lbs.
Engine John Deere 250 HP
Max GPM 8500
Max Head 200 '
Onboard Fuel Cap 300 gal.
Overall Dimensions 154"L x 70"W x 80"H
Run Time Full Load 28.6 hrs.
Suction x Discharge 12" x 12" HV
Type 12" HV QF2

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Eye Protection
  • Gloves