CAT CLASS: 1150250

Inductive Load Bank 1125 kVAR


High capacity load testing of generators, UPS, and other AC power sources; periodic reliability exercise of standby generators; automatic load leveling and minimum load regulation; regenerative/reverse power protection and other load bank applications is possible with the1125 kVAR load bank. It's a completely self-contained, freestanding unit which includes all resistive load elements, load control devices, load element branch circuit fuse protection, main load bus and terminals, cooling system, control power supply, unit controller and malfunction detection system and NEMA type enclosure.


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Make Simplex
Model Saturn
240V X - 3 Phase
480V X - 3 Phase
Capacity 1,125 kVAR
Hertz 60
Load Step 3.75 kVAR
Overall Dimensions 95"L x 79"W x 72"H
Weight 11000 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Gloves