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CAT CLASS: 0700011

Dethatcher Gasoline


Power-rakes designed for fast and easy removal of thatch. The rugged design allows this dethatcher to withstand the most demanding use. Utilizing free-swinging, steel flail blades mounted on a horizontal reel (or optional Verticut blade reels) allow penetration of the lawn surface, breaking up thatch and promoting vigorous growth.


Products are subject to availability.

Make Billy Goat Classen Classen Ryan
Model PR550H TR-20H TRC-20H1 Ren-O-Thin IV
Engine Honda 5.5 HP Honda 5.5 HP Honda 5.5 HP Honda 5.5 HP
Optional Blade Reels Spring Tine & Vertaslicing Adjustable up to 1-3/8" Adjustable up to 1-3/8" Verticut: 3/4 – 2" spacing
Standard Blade Reel Flail type Flail type: 11/16" spacing Flail type: 11/16" spacing Flail type: 1" spacing
Weight 162 lbs 135 lbs 165 lbs 135 lbs
Working Width 20 " 20 " 20 " 18 "

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Eye Protection
  • Gloves