CAT CLASS: 0100340

Patio Heater


Patio radiant heaters are typically only utilized during the warm, summer months but with our line of radiant patio heaters, you can use your patio even on those cold winter nights. Our 40,000 BTU radiant patio heaters provide 360 degrees of adjustable heat with quiet operation and no power needed.


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Make Mi-T-M Zubri
Model MH-0040-PM10 Z1-12CK
Fuel Consumption 1.9 lbs./hr. 1.9 lbs./hr.
Max BTU 40,000 40,000
Run Time 10.5 hrs. 10.5 hrs.
Type Radiant Patio Radiant Patio
Weight 59 lbs 46 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Gloves