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CAT CLASS: 0100262

800-899K BTU LP/NG Indirect Fired Heater


Indirect-fired heaters are typically installed outside a structure with ductwork drawing the heated air inside the facility. This heater type works similarly to a home furnace by forcing outside air through a heat exchanger and into the space while diverting products of combustion outside of the space through a chimney. These heaters are recommended for cleanroom projects for pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and other industrial applications where maintaining a controlled environment is crucial.


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Make Temp Air
Model IDF-800
Burner Output - 640,000 BTU/Hr
Burner Input 800,000 BTU/Hr
Max Airflow 6,000 CFM
Overall Dimensions 144"L x 36"W x 74"H
Power Source 208-230/3/60/20
Type Propane/Natural Gas
Weight 2700 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Gloves