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CAT CLASS: 0100230

500-599K BTU Kerosene/Oil Indirect Fired Torpedo Heater


The 500-599K BTU indirect-fired heaters provide clean, dry, odorless heat. They also include air outlets that accommodate flexible ducting, which allows placing the heaters at a safe distance from special event tents and other structures. The high volume blowers circulate the heated air and can heat areas of up to 11,600 square feet depending on the model. They feature a max airflow of up to 3,100 CFM, with a max BTU of between 420,000 and 500,000. Built in thermostats regulate the heaters operation.


Products are subject to availability.

Make ICE
Model IDF 500 Oil
Fuel Consumption 3.6 gal./hr.
Fuel Tank 40 gal.
Heating Area 11,600 sq. ft.*
Max Airflow 3,100 CFM
Max BTU 500,000
Return Duct (Dia/Max Length) NA
Run Time 11.1 hrs.
Supply Duct (Dia/Max Length) 2 x 12" / 24'
Voltage 115V
Weight 580 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Gloves