CAT CLASS: 1070140

5 Ton Classic Portable Air Conditioner/Dehumidifier


Self-contained and portable, this 5 ton classic air conditioner is designed to provide instant spot cooling exactly where it's needed. With the technology to become a portable dehumidifier as well, this unit also protects against water damage.


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Make MobileCool MovinCool Temp Air
Model MOB-60HP1 Classic 60 PAC-5
Amp Rating 47 10.5 60
Capacity 5 ton 5 ton 5 ton
Cool Air Duct_Dia/Max Length 2 x 12"/50' 12"/60' 14"/12'
Cooling Area 1,000/2,000 sq. ft. 1,000/2,000 sq. ft. 1,000/2,000 sq. ft.
Max Airflow 1,950 CFM 1,580 CFM 2,300 CFM
Voltage 230V, 1øV 460V, 3øV 208/230V
Warm Air Duct Dia/Max Length NA NA NA
Weight 725 lbs 463 lbs 650 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Gloves
  • Safety Shoes