CAT CLASS: 0040029

4" Magnetic Annular Cutter Drill Battery


Magnetic drills are compact portable drill presses with magnetic bases that are ideal for many industrial drilling applications. Jancy drills utilize Slugger® cutters, a unique bit that produces burr-free holes in one operation. This 4” magnetic drill features a through-the-spindle coolant system and a soft-touch control panel for precision operation. Some models can also accommodate a twist drill adapter that allows using conventional twist drill bits. The maximum cutting depth is 3” and the peak speed is 310 RPM.


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Make Jancy
Model SluggerMax 4x4*
Amp Rating 11.7
Cutting Depth 3 "
Slugger Capacity 4"
Speed(s) 100/150/200/310 RPM
Twist Drill_Capacity 1-1/4" *
Weight 73 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Eye Protection
  • Gloves