CAT CLASS: 0740650

1/2" - 2" Hand Held Fitting Press Cordless


This press tool provides a cordless tool that is versatile in dealing with pipes that range in size from 1/2’’ to 4’’. Eliminates the need to make a connection through other means than force. Easy to use in tight spaces. Works effectively on a wet system, without the need to drain and dry before preforming adjustments or repairs.


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Make Ridgid Rothenberger
Model 320-E Pressliner
Cycle Time 7 sec. 8 sec.
Max Force 7,200 lbs. 7,200 lbs.
Power Source 14.4V 12V
Weight 11 lbs 15 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Eye Protection
  • Safety Shoes
  • Gloves