CAT CLASS: 0560625

10K Telehandler Forklift 55' (w/ Cab)


Experience superior performance with our 10K telehandler forklift, featuring a robust maximum lift capacity of 10,000 lbs and an impressive maximum lift height of 55 feet. Designed for challenging rough terrain construction and industrial environments, this model comes complete with a fully enclosed cab for operator comfort and safety. Benefit from added stability and enhanced lift capacity with front stabilizers included in the 10,000-pound models. Our telescopic handlers seamlessly integrate the functionalities of both a forklift and a crane, while accommodating interchangeable attachment heads, providing unparalleled versatility for a wide range of tasks on-site.


Products are subject to availability.

Make Genie JCB SkyTrak
Model GTH-1056 510-56 10054
Engine 125 HP diesel 114 HP diesel 110 HP diesel
Lift Cap at Max Ht 4,000/3,000 lbs.* 5,000/4,000 lbs.* 4,000/0 lbs.*
Lift Cap at Max Reach 3,000/500 lbs.* 3,000/300 lbs.* 3,000/0 lbs.*
Max Fwd Reach 41.7500 ' 42 ' 38.7500 '
Max Lift Capacity 10000 lbs 10000 lbs 10000 lbs
Max Lift Height 56 ' 56 ' 53.1667 '
Weight 31772 lbs 33200 lbs 28200 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Hard Hat
  • Wallet (Training Card)
  • Safety Shoes