CAT CLASS: 0560626

10K Telehandler Forklift 55' (HVAC)


Experience the versatility of our 10K telehandler forklift, boasting a robust maximum lift capacity of 10,000 lbs and an impressive maximum lift height of 55 feet. Perfectly suited for material placement in rugged terrain construction and industrial settings, this model features a heated and cooled fully enclosed cab for operator comfort in any weather condition. Enhanced stability and increased lift capacity are ensured with front outriggers included in the 10,000-pound models. Our telescopic handlers seamlessly merge the functionalities of a forklift and a crane, while supporting interchangeable attachment heads, providing a comprehensive range of capabilities on the job site.


Products are subject to availability.

Make JCB JLG SkyTrak
Model 510-56 1055 10054
Engine 114 HP diesel 130 HP diesel 110 HP diesel
Lift Cap at Max Ht 5,000/4,000 lbs.* 3,000 lbs.* 4,000/0 lbs.*
Lift Cap at Max Reach 3,000/300 lbs.* 3,000/0 lbs.* 3,000/0 lbs.*
Max Fwd Reach 42 ' 42 ' 38.7500 '
Max Lift Capacity 10000 lbs 10000 lbs 10000 lbs
Max Lift Height 56 ' 55 ' 53.1667 '
Weight 33200 lbs 34400 lbs 28200 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Hard Hat
  • Wallet (Training Card)
  • Safety Shoes